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    I have been working on a "Founding of Durotar" like map for some time, but there are many features and quirks about WC3 that are annoying at best and at worst force me to rewrite my ideas. I was thinking about jumping ship to SC2 but I'm finding it hard to find answers to certain questions. The most important being weather or not the "multiple maps" system works or can be done in SC2. The trigger actions don't seem to be there but hopefully that doesn't mea https://omegle.onl/n anything. Can anyone enlighten me on this issue?

     issue got solved!!

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    I noticed that my unranked queue was taking forever (upwards of 5 minutes when I ususally can get a game in 5 seconds). I did a little research and a reddit post from a while ago suggested that some accou https://omegle.onl/nts were just kind of screwed and there was a bug causing huge discrepancies in unranked mmr between players and, therefore, causing huge delays in the queue.


    For example, when I played an unranked game, I was against someone who didn't wall off as protoss versus zerg. I crushed him, and it wasn't a fair match at all. I was intending on using unranked queue to get back into the game after about a year of hiatus, but that seems like something that is no longer an option. Does anyone know what causes this?

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    I am trying to set up a normal melee 1v1 map (using lost temple). All I want t  o change is for a random 4 units have their prices reduced by 30 % for both players (The same units for both players). I cannot figure out how to change unit costs through an action on map load. I am a super noob to the editor. omegle

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    issue got  solved
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