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    Hey guys, we in the Melee Map Discord were contacted by a smaller tournament organizer whom was seeking to create a very small map pool of fun melee maps with custom things thrown in, and we'd love to hear if some of the melee mapmakers here have some interesting and polished maps they could send our way!


    Watch out, this is not a contest, there are no prizes (for us mapmakers anyways) and the voting will be done by the entire Melee Maps Discord community and then from that pool the tournament organizer will probably select those he finds the most fun for players to play on them


    The final map pool will be composed of 5 maps, so yeah, it will be quite reduced, short and sweet.


    We have got until sunday to deliver, so quite the short notice indeed, if you guys have some finished maps that you think might fit the requirements (which are quite lax) be sure to send them my way, you can send me an email at contact@dseverino.com or DM on Discord Kantu#9224 or you can post them to our #Other_Map_Contests chat within the Melee Map Discord


    Also, be sure to join the melee mappers discord if you haven't, now and then we have these fun little projects pop up


    Take care everybody, and I'll be happy to review your messages!

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