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    Quote from Bilxor >>

    I won't even get started on how many maps and campaigns I've played, on mapster, wc3 and other games, that I'm just amazed at the poor quality. Oftentimes everything seems thrown together, unbalanced and not even proofread.

    I reluctantly second this, though the causes of it are widespread and cyclical.  The CCI and this site in general are just not that conducive to great community building.  The projects are randomly listed; there's no indication pointing newcomers to which ones are really good, no ratings, no stickied reviews, just a few projects on the front page which are not really indicative of anything in particular besides Mass Recall being popular.  If we nudged folks to the best ones first, they'd more likely stick around, become part of the community, and leave feedback on other campaigns.
    It's cyclical because less feedback means less bug fixing means less polish means less feedback.  Not to mention the SC2 scene is relatively small now and there is no Blizzard support of the types of projects we have here.  For what it's worth, VastanX, I think Time Convergence has a great foundation and only needs a bit of polish to excel even further - I've got hours of feedback on my channel that hopefully has helped!
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    In reply to TChosenOne:

     Ah, didn't know for sure if he ditched that one.  I will move it and wait to see if we hear from Cybros on it.  I can add a short Hopefuls section too.
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    Hello all who are interested!  I am creating an updated list of campaigns new and old to be easily navigable and digestible.  Surely, I have made some mistakes and/or left people out.  Please recommend corrections where necessary and also let me know if you feel your campaign needs to be re-categorized.  Warcraft 3 list incoming separately.


    EDIT: Added links.  Use TChosen's googledoc or copy/paste this list to share if you feel inclined.


    I used common sense when putting something in the "Completed/Near-Completed" list, such as Odyssey and Annihilation.  These are closer to complete than not and also are very high quality.  Most campaigns in stasis have some cool ideas and are definitely worth a play even if many are abandoned.


    First off, here is a basic, text installation guide that also contains links to videos if that is more conducive for you.


    StarCraft 1 Remakes
    StarCraft: Mass Recall (various authors)
    Enslavers/Dark Vengeance (opupu)
    StarCraft: Enslavers Redux (OmegaWeaponX85)

    Complete/Near Complete Campaigns
    Perfect Soldiers (EivindL)
    Shadow of the Xel'Naga (OutsiderXE) - on the Arcade
    Lifeforce (Bilxor)

    Annihilation (DudkiSC2)
    Odyssey (CooperHawkes)
    Subjection (Gradius) - on the Arcade
    Marauders! (acidragoon)
    Time Convergence (VastanX)
    Replicant Episode IV (Hultamanble)
    Replicant Episode V (Hultamanble)

    Replicant Episode VI (Hultamanble)
    Pandora (Hultmanable)
    Prime Resurgence (Revolution)
    Unification of Purifiers (CybrosX)
    Vortex of the Void (CybrosX)
    Brood's Wrath (CybrosX)
    Shadow of the Brood (CybrosX)
    Proditor (nimbusqwe)
    The Lost of Aiur (Gangrene) - on the Arcade
    The Hammer of Dawn (Edhriano)
    Hand of Humanity (Terhonator)
    Bio-Tech Company (njordys)
    Mapsters (MaskedImposter) - on the Arcade
    Antioch Chronicles Remastered (Team Antioch)

    Noir: Automata (Edhriano)

    Antioch Remastered: Thoughts in Chaos (Team Antioch)
    Enslavers Redux 4.0 (OmegaWeaponX85)

    Campaigns in Progress
    Vorazun Campaign (PowercoreX64)
    Shadow of Liberty (PowercoreX64)
    Dawn of Conflict (CybrosX)
    StarCraft 2 Redux (Operative7646)
    Unsung Rebels (aZergbaneling)

    Survivors (GnaReffotsirk)

    Campaigns in Stasis
    A Silent Scream (DatGamesense)
    Ignos (njordys)
    Evolution of the Swarm (CybrosX)

    Wrath of the Tal'Darim (CybrosX)
    Ascendancy (Atticuskirk)
    Limpid (RodentWearingHat)
    Morals (RobustProgram)
    Discord (Baelethal)
    Revenants (Hybrid Team)
    Origins (Gradius)
    Legacy of Liberty (RedRookLord)
    Xeyed Nascency (Supernova134)
    Brood (Debe2233)
    Scattered (Daequeous)
    Ashes of Freedom (designerdougm)



    Anxiously Waiting

    everything listed under In Progress above

    LifeForce Pt 2

    Legacy of the Confederation (MIA, moving to stasis soon)

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    Looks great and everything you've created has been a joy to play.  The synopsis sounds a little too familiar though...

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    Loving the story of this campaign!  While I only release 2 videos a week, I couldn't help myself and ended up playing through map 8.  If I could give one major piece of feedback (which you'll hear me talk more about in the videos), it's to utilize the Mission Objective text a bit better to clarify what to do.  In many cases it requires a counter, like Muraveys and Chenkovs in the subway, or sacrificed units - adding a counter to the objectives text would help the player not have to keep track.


    Overall, incredibly unique and engaging story that reminds me a lot of the old Legacy of the Confederation story.

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    Guardian shield ++
    Guardian axe ++
    Guardian sword +


    Good weapons become so plentiful later in the game that you will literally be throwing them away.  Don't worry too much about managing your weapon inventory!

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    Other was in Akkala off a cliff behind rocks.  Next stop is the castle, then Forgotten Temple and the end of the game.

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    OH shit, it's the one in the castle

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    Loving BotW, I've been delaying the Ganon fight because I'm missing two shrines.  I have absolutely no idea where they might be, but am collecting a bunch of stuff to upgrade a lot of my armor to level 4 in the meantime.

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    Almost forgot, can you add Overseers to be selected with F2?  Currently, they don't get snagged and I'm not good at the game to have them follow me around without Select All :)

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     I did notice the Mutalisk problem. Unsure how to fix it as of yet, but will keep looking.
    Mass Recall team had this issue with Hydralisk/Lurker morphing and corrected it somehow.  If you can get ahold of Telenil or Jones, they may have answer for you.  I built neither Mutas or Swarm Hosts for this map so didn't notice either issue!
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    Played 18 last night and have a video for Friday.  Solid Zerg macro map with a twist; great consistent application of incremental upgrades for both heros and army units!

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    Looks awesome!

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    I'm interested in playing Time Convergence after Mass Recall, but would wait if you have changes to make.

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    I would like to play C&C as well, starting all the way back with C&C 95 and Red Alert, but many of these older games are very challenging to properly set up to record with on modern operating systems.  I'll have to check at what point C&C games started using DirectX in a resolution I'm able to capture.  C&C 3 may be new enough!

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