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    In reply to raducu273:

     Have you considered giving actionable feedback rather than just being a baby about it?  These projects are dependent on people like you helping to balance them.  Calling the creator a retard (lmao) just makes you look pathetic.  Further, where has hultmanable compared himself to the difficulty of the originals?  I hope to hear back from you if you have anything actually helpful to say as opposed to just crying into the void, thanks.

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    Hello all who are interested!  I am creating an updated list of campaigns new and old to be easily navigable and digestible.  Surely, I have made some mistakes and/or left people out.  Please recommend corrections where necessary and also let me know if you feel your campaign needs to be re-categorized.  Warcraft 3 list incoming separately.


    EDIT: Added links.  Use TChosen's googledoc or copy/paste this list to share if you feel inclined.


    I used common sense when putting something in the "Completed/Near-Completed" list, such as Odyssey and Annihilation.  These are closer to complete than not and also are very high quality.  Most campaigns in stasis have some cool ideas and are definitely worth a play even if many are abandoned.


    First off, here is a basic, text installation guide that also contains links to videos if that is more conducive for you.


    StarCraft 1 Remakes
    StarCraft: Mass Recall (various authors)
    Enslavers/Dark Vengeance (opupu)
    StarCraft: Enslavers Redux (OmegaWeaponX85)

    Complete/Near Complete Campaigns
    Perfect Soldiers (EivindL)
    Shadow of the Xel'Naga (OutsiderXE) - on the Arcade
    Lifeforce (Bilxor)

    Annihilation (DudkiSC2)
    Odyssey (CooperHawkes)
    Subjection (Gradius) - on the Arcade
    Marauders! (acidragoon)
    Time Convergence (VastanX)
    Replicant Episode IV (Hultamanble)
    Replicant Episode V (Hultamanble)

    Replicant Episode VI (Hultamanble)
    Pandora (Hultmanable)
    Prime Resurgence (Revolution)
    Unification of Purifiers (CybrosX)
    Vortex of the Void (CybrosX)
    Brood's Wrath (CybrosX)
    Shadow of the Brood (CybrosX)
    Proditor (nimbusqwe)
    The Lost of Aiur (Gangrene) - on the Arcade
    The Hammer of Dawn (Edhriano)
    Hand of Humanity (Terhonator)
    Bio-Tech Company (njordys)
    Mapsters (MaskedImposter) - on the Arcade
    Antioch Chronicles Remastered (Team Antioch)

    Noir: Automata (Edhriano)

    Antioch Remastered: Thoughts in Chaos (Team Antioch)
    Enslavers Redux 4.0 (OmegaWeaponX85)

    Campaigns in Progress
    Vorazun Campaign (PowercoreX64)
    Shadow of Liberty (PowercoreX64)
    Dawn of Conflict (CybrosX)
    StarCraft 2 Redux (Operative7646)
    Unsung Rebels (aZergbaneling)

    Survivors (GnaReffotsirk)

    Campaigns in Stasis
    A Silent Scream (DatGamesense)
    Ignos (njordys)
    Evolution of the Swarm (CybrosX)

    Wrath of the Tal'Darim (CybrosX)
    Ascendancy (Atticuskirk)
    Limpid (RodentWearingHat)
    Morals (RobustProgram)
    Discord (Baelethal)
    Revenants (Hybrid Team)
    Origins (Gradius)
    Legacy of Liberty (RedRookLord)
    Xeyed Nascency (Supernova134)
    Brood (Debe2233)
    Scattered (Daequeous)
    Ashes of Freedom (designerdougm)



    Anxiously Waiting

    everything listed under In Progress above

    LifeForce Pt 2

    Legacy of the Confederation (MIA, moving to stasis soon)

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    It's nice to see some long form feedback, I miss the pages of forum threads in the past for other maps.  I've completed this campaign and can now weigh in via text.


    I certainly respect your preferences, but there's not much reflective of design critique.  Rather, here was just a bloated comment about how things were too easy for you except for that one time that they weren't because you didn't predict a hold out mission ending in quite a predictable flood-of-units kind of way like they usually do.  WoL casual has enemy units with halved health, that's major hyperbole.  You may also want to avoid saying stuff like "this was good, but I have low standards" when trying to sell your viewpoint.  Anyway, saying most of the gameplay is not engaging is entirely subjective at best, blatantly dishonest at worst.  Easy and Interesting are not mutually exclusive of each other.


    That being said, I'm not blindly tone policing.  I do agree with the point you made that bosses having too much health.  To followup on that, the stakes could be higher such that the player can't take as many hits, especially on higher difficulties, and/or removing the tips explaining what all the enemy abilities do.  I do recall a bit of backtracking in the first Terran mission to collect bonus objectives, but otherwise am not sure where else.  I also liked the puzzles during the Moloch mission, that was easily the majority of the playtime.  Avoiding detectors was easy and they could probably just move a bit faster to compensate, but that was just to bridge small gaps between stuff, like you mentioned. 


    The hotkey UI changes could be underappreciated, but they outright change the way heroes are used in a simple, concise way that reduces garbage clicks, which most RTS's suffer from.  There's a lot of potential there for any other creators to consider using this system with multiple spellcasters.


    I think some narrative moments like two certain characters dying in the latter part of the campaign felt rushed and need a few extra moments to let them sink in - I don't think more lines are necessarily even needed.  Otherwise, the voice performances are easily the best of any usermade campaign I've played.  Shoutout to the actual map launcher, a semi-interactable one at with some branching paths, which is something I've only ever seen from Enslavers Redux.


    As a whole, the terrain drips with detail and a fun story left in limbo for 20 years was finished in a way that was not hammy or lame (harder than it sounds...).  The story is fun, particularly with atmospheric start screens, and the gameplay is diverse and accessible, which is not the boogeyman folks that play the game a lot make it seem to be.


    In closing (TL;DR)DO NOT PLAY Thoughts in Chaos if you are TChosenOne, I wish I could have written this before it was too late!  The man knows what he likes and that is a wonderful thing; I genuinely hope he finds more of what he is looking for because more and different stuff is good stuff.  DO PLAY Thoughts in Chaos if being maximally challenged is not your top/only priority as an RTS player (to clarify, I'm *not* passive aggressively saying that is a bad thing) because practically every other aspect is quite polished - the quality is multifaceted from many angles - and you will likely enjoy the ride.

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    New Mapsters?  New Marauders?  Enslavers Redux fully released after 3 years of development?  Antioch Ep 3 released after 19 years?


    What year is it?  It's like a little mini-renaissance of single player content!  It's never too late to try your hand at making stuff if you're interested.

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    Just seeing this now, looking forward to it!  Always happy to see folks who are interested in making things for SC2 and Stranded on Krydon was a fun map.

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    This community is what gave me a lot of exposure along the way - I hope it was mutual!  To be clear, I'm not just up and abandoning what's going on with SC2, but I have simply played most campaigns so I have to find a replacement for something consistent to record.


    I've considered messing around in the Arcade, that has a lot of potential to be great fun.  Just gotta find consistently populated lobbies so it doesn't turn into tedium when finding something to play!

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    Alright folks, we are live with the contest now, we hope you'll consider participating if this is in your wheelhouse.  Join our Discord where there submissions will be posted:



    Welcome to MAPCRAFT 2017 - Single Player Edition! presented by Jayborino, DeltronLive, and Pr0nogo
    -Your entry must be playable in one of the following: StarCraft Brood War; WarCraft III; StarCraft Remastered; StarCraft II
    -Your entry must be playable in singleplayer from start to finish
    -You must submit your entry on or before 11:59 EST on November 10th, 2017 -One submission per person/team
    -After the deadline has passed, we’ll review and play all entries and declare the winner(s). You can submit and update your map any time prior to then. Submit early to allow your map to get feedback from your peers, as submissions will be posted on discord for other folks to play.
    -Do not use others’ content without permission and credit
    -1st Place: winner's choice of the following: SC: Remastered key, SC2 DLC worth $15 USD, or World of WarCraft timecard worth $15
    -An opportunity to chat/interview with the MapCraft team to discuss their submission and mapmaking/design topics.
    -Prize counts may change depending on how many entries we receive. For example, we may give a separate prize for each game if there are enough submissions.
    -You may upload your map using any service you wish (offline file and/or published online to Battle.net), as long as you send the link to [email protected]
    -Submissions whether online or offline must be sent to [email protected] with the subject line “MapCraft 2017: [Map Name]” with a clear indication of who the submitter/s is in the body of the email on battle.net and on our discord.
    -Your email must include instructions for how to play, whether it be in offline mode for StarCraft 2, on Battle.net, through the custom campaign interface of WC3, etc. Please include any pertinent map/mod files.
    -That's it! As long as you send your entry in before November 10th, you're all set!(edited)
    -Judges include Jayborino, DeltronLive, and Pr0nogo.
    -All submissions will be played by Jayborino, DeltronLive, and Pr0nogo and showcased on their respective YouTube channels once the deadline passes.
    -All three of us have extensive involvement with playing custom content from all 3 games, so hopefully that instills some level of trust when we say that fun factor really is number 1 in terms of possible judging. We play each of these games and do not really prefer one over the other. We understand that, for example, the SC2 Galaxy Editor opens the door for many more possibilities, but can also be much more time consuming, so there are many balancing factors that we're very aware of.
    -Besides creating an enjoyable map, other factors to consider when creating your game include accessibility, creativity, story/theme, and balance.
    This Contest is not sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment
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    Loving the story of this campaign!  While I only release 2 videos a week, I couldn't help myself and ended up playing through map 8.  If I could give one major piece of feedback (which you'll hear me talk more about in the videos), it's to utilize the Mission Objective text a bit better to clarify what to do.  In many cases it requires a counter, like Muraveys and Chenkovs in the subway, or sacrificed units - adding a counter to the objectives text would help the player not have to keep track.


    Overall, incredibly unique and engaging story that reminds me a lot of the old Legacy of the Confederation story.

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    I played this yesterday with the creator and Solstice. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot though it felt like it ramped up pretty fast before I really understood what I should have been focusing on. After 5-10 min, I had a solid grasp on the objectives and I crept out with turrets to secure new buildings and resource nodes. The refineries not auto-harvesting seemed to have a very large impact on resource gathering as only your one SCV can get vespene. Otherwise, the only bug I personally experienced was sometimes terrain would appear buildable, but the SCV would refuse to build claiming it was blocked.

    Hive Mind Emulators seems a little too powerful IMO.

    Great map with a lot of replayability either solo or as a group!

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