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    posted a message on Looking for a team. dota-like project

    hey guys, i'm new here, but i would like to share with you my project ideas and, maybe, work on it together!

    i Always loved mobas, and i came out to some concept for a dota-like map.



    This would be, maybe, a little challenge. The project i have in mind is settled in a fantasy universe rather than a sci-fi one like starcraft, and thus will require a good amount of model remaking.

    From heroes to minions, to some structures. However, we could bypass some doodads issues by using protoss (i.e temple doodads) models.



    Since it would be very time consuming and difficult to make models from scratch, i came out to the idea to edit wow models (since some guys have already used wow models in their maps). It's easier for everyone, and i have some years of experience in creating models this way (mainly for old wc3 projects). you can send me a PM if you want any kind of preview of them



    Above i talked to use use edited wow models in it and you may think "is this game settled in the warcraft universe?". The answer is, simply, no. It would a Whole new universe, with it's factions, races and characters. It was only a way to speed up the work



    Well, i don't know much about sc2 editor. that's why i'm searching for a team. I'm not able to script, neither create units or heroes, and i'm not very good on terraining.

    what can i do, then? as mentioned before, i can make models by using wow's ones as a base. Also, i can do some sketches and have already some heroes ideas.



    -1/2 scripter. Someone who knows how to make things work, from customized home screen (?) (sorry, english not perfect, i mean the screen where u select heroes and so on) to heroes, spells and triggers.

    -1/2 terrainer

    -Someone who can make models together with me (if you know how to use programs such blender or 3ds would be great)


    I hope that everything is explained well, since i know my english is not perfect.

    If you are interested, or just curious, feel free to ask!


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