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    Hi, I know this topic is 7 years old, but it did remain stuck in my head as "that really hard thing I could read over and over and never understand".

    After years of playing around with the editor it came back to me and I finally figured it out, only to not fully work when I managed to replicate it.
    I went onto recicle the concept and I did make it work! With a dummy damage response effect on the Behaviour instead of the "Damage Handled" message: (I used "Effect.dummyDamageResponseEffect.start (at Target) Create")

    I wanted to thank you for this odd and difficult conundrum of yours, that ended up inspiring me to never give up on what you are trying to accomplish.


    I'm still curious to know how you actually did it, and if it still works for you, as the editor got updated during the years, I would be happy to know that and what happened to this really cool map of yours, did you ever publish it? it looks dope



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