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    posted a message on Test Document Trigger Monitor?

    I remember back in the day when you loaded up a test document it loaded a monitor window or something that let you check the variables and see how many times a trigger runs etc...

    Where did that go? I can't find how to enable it...

    EDIT: Wait I found it... File -> Preferences -> Test Document One of the check boxes is "Run Game In A Window" as a sub-check box there is "Show Trigger Debugging Window"

    I didn't notice it because it was a sub-check box :/

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    posted a message on [Int] Length: Name of Player

    I'm having some real issues trying to figure out how long a player's name is...the problem being the player's name is a text element and only string elements can measure length. And of course, you can't convert text to string.

    Anyone have a nifty way of figuring out the length of a player's name?

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    posted a message on [Request] Fuse Bomb Model

    I'm desperately in need of a fuse bomb unit. I found a 3ds max tutorial for it, but it looks a little, basic. http://autodesk3dsmaxtutorials.blogspot.com/2011/04/fuse-bomb-tutorial.html

    I'm hoping for a nice looking fuse bomb about the size of a baneling a bit bigger actually. I need a bomb like object for my map and I'm sure it would be used among the community. I will credit you in my map :D

    Something like the attachment, also no sparks are necessary on the fuse.

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    posted a message on Morph Health Change

    @gamemore: Go

    I believe it's a setting in the actual actors or something. Check into the fields of the morph effect, morph ability, and the models for the morph.

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    posted a message on Structure Footprint

    I'm trying to do this specific thing with footprints. I want to have a unit, lets say a marine. When you press a button activated by triggers or data, it creates a building beneath the marine. The marine can still sit on top of the building until he moves off of it, in which case he cannot pass through it anymore.

    Press "b" pylon appears below marine. No enemy unit can walk through the pylon. The marine can walk off it in any direction, but after walking off...the pathing beneath the pylon is blocked and the marine can no longer walk through the pylon.

    The desired goal is to have a zergling chasing another zergling (for example), through a narrow corridor, the zergling uses an ability, creates an obstruction beneath him and he can run onward while the obstruction blocks the corridor.

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    posted a message on Help needed. Space platforms?

    anyone figure this out yet?

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    posted a message on Tank Wars [Featured]

    @huperphuff: Go

    I've updated the map in the last couple weeks. Overhauled almost everything. Hope you give it a try.

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    posted a message on Please remake this map!

    @Alloutskitzo: Go

    describe the map please

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    posted a message on Global Banks

    I was thinking about this, the best system I've thought about is as such:

    Starting from the first time the map is published: 12 people join a game. Game ends, top 10 high scores recorded. 1 of the 12 people from last game join a new game. Game ends. If the scores from the new game beat any of the old highscores, replace the leaderboard.

    In essence, you only save the top 10 values. When your game starts, it takes all 12 people, figures out the new top 10.

    Every game you'll be sorting through 12 players x 10 top ten records...120 records. Out of the 120, the top ten are chosen and applied to all 12 players. At the end of the game, see if the scores beat the top 10 calculated at the beginning of the game...

    Positives: It's the closest way to get a global system without a 3rd party program reading your banks.

    Negatives: There will never be 1 true leaderboard. There will always be several different global leaderboards, however hopefully all the top scores will be sync'ed to everyone's leaderboard, eventually.

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    posted a message on Tank Wars [Featured]

    Up & Coming

    At the time of this post, Tank Wars is currently #1 in Up & Coming, with a ranting of 100, and is also a featured map by Blizzard.

    What is Tank Wars?

    Tank Wars is a game loosely adapted from an original SCBW game involving tank battles in a FFA arena.

    The Objective

    The purpose of the game is to achieve a certain number of kills, the number of kills is determined by vote at the beginning of each game ranging between 25 and 100 kills.

    SC2 Spin

    The major difference between the old version of Tank Wars and this version is mainly summarized in abilities. Each player has the capability of acquiring abilities and special abilities to aid in their engagements.

    Abilities include:

    • Blink
    • Scan
    • Vortex
    • Psi Storm
    • Shields
    • Hardened Shields
    • Increased Speed

    Special Abilities, granted when a user falls below the avg kill count, include:

    • 1 Nuke per respawn
    • 10 sec Cloak with 30 sec cooldown
    • Rapid Deployment with 1 min cooldown
    • Increased map vision

    Upgrades are also included, you can upgrade your army size, attack, armor, attack range, and attack speed. You are given minerals in a tiered method. When you have <10 kills you get $100 per every 2 kills, when you have 10<kills<20 you get $100 per every 5 kills, etc etc.

    The game is structured around giving the disadvantaged players the opportunity to make a come back.

    Check out my video tour or take a look at some of the screenshots.

    You can contact me at incog (at) silentknights.net

    Video Tour

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/DcKd9kKfvms?fs=1


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    posted a message on Advanced chat

    Can someone post a map that currently works? The one posted up crashes.

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    posted a message on Hide unit's owner

    @BasharTeg: Go

    OMG I think it worked...thank you very much sir!

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    posted a message on Hide unit's owner

    @Nashadun: Go

    Couldn't find it? Category? Any help greatly appreciated :D

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    posted a message on Hide unit's owner

    @zeldarules28: Go

    Yea tried it on battle.net didn't work...then tried it offline. Offline when there are no players playing Player 2, it just make the units neutral (therefore no tooltips)

    On b.net, I put a computer into the spot for player 2 and I get an ownership tag of Player 2

    edit: also tried my other method... I had 2 neutral teams with marines and set the alliance of the neutral teams to allied and controlable to Player 1.

    This way when you hover over the unit, the neutral player owns it therefore revealing no owner.

    However I'm trying to make a 12 person map, so I'd need 12 neutral players to match the real players...and there's only 16 player spots...DAMN

    And I don't think you can grant control for individual units, just entire teams

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    posted a message on Hide unit's owner

    @grenegg: Go

    Yea I figured that might have been the problem, but I set the immovable option AFTER the tooltip setting and that one worked...I'll try the variable thing and post back

    edit: yea it didn't work...same result

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