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    posted a message on Right click "move" trigger

    Having issues finding the appropriate trigger event or another work around.

    Basically i want the event to be when a player right clicks a specific neutral building in order to move the units he already has selected.

    I am not looking for "unit is selected" as that is only for left clicked.

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    posted a message on Temple bridge Help Needed

    Hey all,

    I've looking to put a bridge into my next map and use two temple bridges joined together.

    I cannot for the life of me get it setup right. I can setup it up as either a unit or as a doodad and have the footprint setup but units fall down into the hole. On the other hand at one point i got it setup as a terrain object with units properly walking over the curve of the bridge but it of course screws up with the cliff terrain.

    The mar sara bridge has this setup perfectly and units even go up the small stairs properly but even just changing the models and art to the temple bridge doesn't work.

    I main issue i guess is when setting it up as either a doodad or units how can i make the units or rather the footprint follow the natural curve of the bridge?

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    posted a message on Custom melee map - unit placement issues HALP

    I'm just finishing up a custom melee map and have been testing it out for bugs/issues

    Currently worker units will get stuck next to minerals or right next to the command/nexus/hatchery and will also not return to the main building once finished collecting minerals (messages comes up says it cannot find the place to return to). Also any command center that lifts off cannot land anywhere on the map despite my placement layout showing theres is plenty of space. Also units will get stuck between cliff levels or even walk of a cliff edge. Any help would be great. thx

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    posted a message on Rip field area effect damage - help needed

    Hey all,

    I'm creating a melee map with a slightly different addition that i need help on since im kinda new to qalaxy editor. My map focusses around a rip field generator that i would like to create area effect damage similar but different to the xelnaga worldship level in the campaign.

    Basically i would like to make it so the entire map has the effect of units being slowly damaged over a long time - kind of adding an addition factor into the game by making the upkeep of your base even more important. The effect would be slightly different to each race since they each have there own unique system. All workers no matter race would not be effected, building and units would both take damage but possibly at different rates. I was also hoping to have the area effect work along side upgrades. From what i understand there are basically 3 levels of upgrades that would effect the damage (i believe it would be armor or something like regeneration or sheild upgrades).

    -For example terran with zero upgrades would lose a large amount of damage. With level 1 upgrades would ltake about half as much damage and with level 2 would not take any damage.

    - level zero protoss would take some damage, level one wold take no damage but not regenerate shield, and only level two would permit shields to regenerate (no damage too).

    -Zerg would be basically similar just without the shield configuration.

    If anyone would be willing to help out that would be great. thx

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