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    posted a message on [solved(awkwardly)]SetEffect: Effects within run twice

    @TerraAzure: Go

    You *can* however, modify triggers in your mod file from your map using extra data... unless your using a purely data mod, in which case this doesn't help you at all.

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    posted a message on Extra Data: Making Changes To Mods From Within A Map File

    @GnaReffotsirk: Go

    Extra data and modifiable dependencies allow you to make changes to trigger libraries within the mod. This has no impact on game data, as the data module always modifies the current document's XML.

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    posted a message on Extra Data: Making Changes To Mods From Within A Map File

    Some of you may have noticed the Extra Data option added (almost) recently. This can be used alongside modifiable dependencies to modify and update trigger libraries of mods from within a map file, all without changing documents. For those of us working on large scale projects that use a mod (or handful of mods) across multiple maps, this feature is a huge workflow improvement.

    How to:

    1. Open up your dependencies and right click the desired mod in the left pane. Check "Modifiable"

    2. In the trigger module, click on Data > Extra Data

    3. Ensuring the desired mod is in your StarCraft II/Mods folder, select the desired mod and hit "OK"

    4. Notice that marking your mod as modifiable changes it's color to blue in the library pane of the trigger module, allowing you to make changes to the library. Unsaved changes are marked by an asterisk next to the library's name. Adding the mod as extra data allows you to save changes made to the mod, overwriting the mod file and applying your changes to all maps using the mod.


    There may be more undiscovered features within Extra Data yet to be documented. Extra Data only works with mods saved as .SC2Mods and not with .SC2Components. It appears that you can only save the mod if StarCraft 2 is not currently running an instance of a map using the mod (ie, you have to close the game to save the mod before relaunching to test the map)—which is unfortunate, but still a significant improvement over the previous document-switching method.

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    posted a message on Animated Dialog Items

    @Talioso21: Go

    Blizzard uses the new animation features of sc2 layouts added in 3.0. The xml will look a lot like this:


    <Frame type="Image" name="AnimatedHex">
        <Anchor side="Top" relative="$parent" pos="Min" offset="16"/>
        <Anchor side="Left" relative="$parent" pos="Min" offset="14"/>
        <Anchor side="Bottom" relative="$parent" pos="Max" offset="-16"/>
        <Anchor side="Right" relative="$parent" pos="Max" offset="-14"/>
        <RenderPriority val="300"/>
        <SubpixelRendering val="True"/>
        <LayerCount val="2"/>
        <Texture val="Assets/Textures/ui_battlenet_glue_campaign_panelbg_mask.dds" layer="1"/>
        <TextureCoords top="0" left="0" bottom="1" right="0.85" layer="1"/>
        <WrapUV val="True" layer="1"/>
        <Color val="128,196,255"/>
        <Texture val="Assets/Textures/ui_battlenet_glue_campaign_panelbg_mask_shimmer.dds" layer="0"/>
        <TextureCoords top="0" left="0" bottom="1" right="0.85" layer="0"/>
        <AlphaLayer val="True" layer="0"/>
        <WrapUV val="False" layer="0"/>
        <Animation name="UVScroll">
            <Event event="OnShown" action="DirectionForward" frame="$parent"/>
            <Event event="OnShown" action="Play" frame="$parent"/>
            <Controller type="LayerUV" layer="0" side="Left" relative="True" sidelock="true" end="Loop" >
                <Key type="Curve" time="0" value="0.6" out="Fast"/>
                <Key type="Curve" time="4.5" value="-0.8" in="Fast"/>
                <Key type="Curve" time="4.6" value="-0.8" in="Fast"/>
        <Animation name="Highlight">
            <Event event="OnShown" action="DirectionForward,Play" frame="$parent"/>
            <Controller type="Fade" end="Pause">
                <Key type="Curve" time="0" value="0" out="Fast"/>
                <Key type="Curve" time=".2" value="255" in="Slow"/>
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    posted a message on Pirated Library (PIRL)

    This library houses a collection of general functions I've been using across my latest projects, which may be useful to the community.


    • If Then


    • Send Actor Message To Unit Group


    • Shake Camera For Player


    • Convert Boolean To Real


    • Debug Flash Unit
    • Debug Point
    • Debug Circle
    • Debug Rectangle
    • Debug Zergling
    • Debug Mutalisk
    • Debug String
    • Debug Panel Show/Hide
    • Debug Panel Set Field
    • Debug Panel Set Value

    (This is what the debug panel looks like)


    • Angle Is Between Bounds
    • Integer Is Odd
    • Sign (Integer)
    • Sign (Real)


    • Constrain Point To Region


    • DeCamel
    • Capitalize
    • String Is Valid
    • Convert Point XY To String


    • Add Time To Timer


    • Hide All UI Frames For Players


    • Unit Has Behavior With Behavior Flag


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    posted a message on How to make a unit invisible as it would be if it was seen by an enemy ?

    Note that you have to apply the glaze before setting opacity, as glazes are finicky.

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    posted a message on Chat Commands with Arguments

    You can use one trigger / event for this functionality. Terrible psuedoscript below.

    Any Player enters chat message that contains "-", matching Partially.
    Substring(EnteredChatMessage, 1, 1) == "-"
    If (StringContains(EnteredChatMessage, "Debug Time"))
      DebugInt = StringToInt(Substring(EnteredChatString, 13, StringLength(EnteredChatString)))
    Else If (StringContains(EnteredChatMessage, "Debug Unit"))
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    posted a message on License for Dependencies

    Logging into bnet in the editor (via Manage Published Maps, etc) fixes the issue.

    Unfortunately this seems to be necessary every time you open the editor...

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    posted a message on 2D Game Lib

    @Templarfreak: Go

    I was working on this last month. I've attached the results of that work. Also includes some changes to collision (now dynamic based on unit height/width instead of always being six points).

    NOTE that hit detection (ie, running into enemies and getting damaged or jumping on enemies to pop them) is not well implemented and to merely prove the concept. Proper hit detection would require more work to feel right within the SC2 engine, since with data the game can only check around a unit's center point (or in the case of the current implementation, a group of attached hit box units for each "real" unit) within a search effect.

    For those of you with github, I've created a public repo of the 2DGL here. I do not currently have time to develop this further, but may be able to assist (or at least answer questions) if any one else would like to.

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    posted a message on 2D Game Lib

    @alleyviper85: Go

    Rescaled grey box model they added in Void to show invisible walkable platform doodads (search actors for walkable, find the model from there).

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    posted a message on RTC 2015 - Winners revealed

    Thank you all! I (obviously) could not have done this without the knowledge I've picked up over the least 5 years at sc2mapster.

    @Tya, congrats to you as well! I think they said at Blizzcon that they intend for the contest to be annual.

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    posted a message on Turret Height bug

    @Supernova134: Go

    The attachment point for the turret needs to have the same Z as the origin

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    posted a message on Why people are mad about the Top5 RTC contest?

    @cgsource: Go

    Ah, didn't know you were the one who made JetCraft! Loved your use of custom assets in SIEGE!! (did you use new layout animation features or just move dialog items over time?). I'd like to see crazier special abilities, and the ability to use them earlier in the game though.

    Good luck today :D

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    posted a message on Third Person RPG (No real name yet)

    Glad to see you're back in the game :D

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    posted a message on Crushable units run to crushers!

    @ahrimansiah: Go

    Is your "crushing system" behavior and search effect base? Triggers with attached regions? We know nothing about your map or your system.

    Attaching your map could also help debug the problem.

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