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    Quote from AlexanderNova >>

    I DON'T LIKE IT: and here is why...


    Sure the previous version of this site was a bit outdated, but it was simple and easy to use. Now this site is a bit clunky. SC2 Mapster was a portal back to the good old 2010 for me, now with it's new modern design, thats all gone. Half my projects arent showing up properly, and now, it takes sooooo long to search for maps. Perhaps this is me ranting, but, is anyone else feeling what I'm feeling? SC2 mapster was a practical and simple site, and now it resembles one of those "Sleek and Modern" Wix websites people make... 


    If you don't agree with me, very well, it may be just the fact that I'm a person who hates change...

     If I were in your shoes, I'd probably agree. I hate watching my own communities change. Drives me insane. But if it were between them changing and moving forward so that they could continue to exist, at least in some form - I'd eventually grow to accept it. In this case, I hope it's not just change to exist, but change to grow and thrive.
    We won't make perfect decisions, but I at least hope you give us enough time and let us work out all the kinks. I don't think your rant is at all out of place or out of line and I appreciate that. So hopefully that helps at a little at least.
    As mentioned, we want that feedback. I can never promise that we'll make changes you will like, but I'll continue to read and listen just in case an opportunity arises where one of those ideas/suggestions has a good place to go :]
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    Quote from DrSuperEvil >>

    Which goes back to my previous question about how does one upload images/SC2 maps with this new UI?

     We're currently looking into this and working on it - as we had it set to allow images only at first after the migration. We've allowed more filetypes now - but I'm not satisfied just yet myself.
    Will work on this, and then I'll put together a short how-to snippet.
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    I'm not particularly sure what you mean - we didn't migrate anything this time in regards to the wiki (as far as I know). I've only been with the company a short while so before me I'm assuming?


    Either way, I can definitely ask - just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

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    Quote from Alevice >>

    WHat I mostly miss is the current event box on the main page and not having the news on a different page, specially since most news were community oriented. I feel the current layout favors more showcasing than engaging.


    Aside from that Im happy the upgrade took place. Forums behave now as they should.

     Yea unfortunately, because we're consolidating the sites to make them easier to manage, some of that individuality was lost. We're still up for suggestions and ideas to help with that balance though!

    The upgrade is very nice, no complaints (yet, if any).

    Quote from ArcaneDurandel >>

    If possible, see if you can provide a dark mode as an alternative to the white color scheme.

     Not currently, sorry! It's not in the roadmap at the moment.

    Is it possible to have my account named changed? The name I currently have is far too long

     Hit me up in a PM, I can help you with that :]
    Quote from DrSuperEvil >>

    I see the number of attachments per post is limited to only 5.    This might be difficult for the data assets forum.

     I'll look into this, I'm not as familiar with it as I need to be anyways :]
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    Quote from DrSuperEvil >>

    My burning questions are what happened to the legacy wiki data since not everything had been transferred.    Also what happened to the moderator only (Backstage) forum?

     Backstage forum is still there, but not all of the moderators were migrated. I'll be getting together with the team and we'll be building that back up over the next couple of weeks. That'll help us make sure everyone is on board and up to speed with the new software.
    EDIT: We're all moving too fast! I can't keep up!

    Wiki is in the top bar (if that's what you're referring to) - project creation, file upload etc can be found in the Knowledge Base here: https://www.curseforge.com/knowledge-base
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    Quote from Schloss80 >>

    Nice change,but that white background everwhere is hurting my eyes so hard..

     I know back in the day, if I wiggled my VGA cable just the right way it'd change the colors... just kidding. Bad joke, I know. Unfortunately, I don't think this is something we can change at the moment. It was something I was a little worried about, as communities I've worked with in the past have certainly had trouble adjusting to the color flip. Much larger undertaking for possibly another day, I think.
    All I can do is note it and see how things go after the first of the year.
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    Quote from TheSkunk2 >>

    My first thoughts were:

    1. Where's the wiki?
    2. Wheres the IRC?

    Both of these things to me are key elements of SC2mapster and I don't immediately see them linked too anywhere.


    Otherwise, though, I'm quite glad to see the website updated and everything I've checked so far seems to have survived the transfer. It'll take a while to get used to Mapster in white, but I'm liking the new features and better UI. 

    EDIT: Team added the Wiki link to the top bar :] Catchin' them before they take off today :D
    In that same vein with IRC, I'll get with the other community guys and see if we can come to a consensus on how to display that information.
    Thanks for the questions!
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    Hey there! If you haven't read the news, be sure to hit this post first: https://www.sc2mapster.com/news/2710-welcome-to-the-new-sc2mapster

    This will be the official discussion thread for the update. Bugs, issues, critical problems, missing features - let us know. 


    Only thing I ask is that you keep it constructive and generally nice. But make sure you're thorough and honest. We want good feedback so that we can hopefully make the community stronger, and better.


    Look forward to your input!


    EDIT: Decided to turn this first post into an FAQ. I will update it with the most Frequently Asked Questions, and address the less asked questions directly as time permits - I love that you all have stayed mostly positive and constructive :]

    Upgrade FAQ 

    Where are my PM's?!

    Safely guarded away in a vault, but only for a moment. We're going to be importing the old PMs into the new system, however, they will likely appear on the global www.curseforge.com domain - this is just due to technical hurdles. Think of it as an archive. NO INFORMATION HAS BEEN DISCARDED - EDIT: Ticket in! Being scheduled soon!

    Black on white!? Ew?!

    I can somewhat relate to this sentiment, but unfortunately we don't have any plans to change this currently. I did read that someone was working on a script or plugin, and that might be something we "unofficially" point to for now. This is a much larger job than most understand - we're not a small site by any means and things that "seem" trivial, just aren't. That's not to say we won't ever revisit this, but we want to focus more on big picture features, fixes, and just getting things running smooth long before we approach the visuals. Sorry!

    Where are the Zergs?

    They lost in the second round of... wait. That's not right... we might be able to get some Zerg action on the main page again. No promises :] - EDIT: Ticket in! Working on moving it up! Yes really.

    What are Rewards, and why do I care?

    First, let me be clear. Rewards are by no means new. They've been around for years on our other sites, WoW and Minecraft, and have been wildly successful for thousands of users.


    They are our way of giving back to those thousands of users that have been a part of Curse and CurseForge, creating content and sharing it with the world with little to no recompenses. The legal mumbo jumbo when signing up is well... a legal requirement. Daunting as it may be, we would like to stay on the right side of the law.


    But to further answer the original question, our Rewards FAQ can do a much better job than me:  https://www.curseforge.com/rewards-program/110-rewards-program-faq


    I understand that it's probably too in your face, considering you guys may have never seen it before. Maybe that's something we should have considered before hand, but for us it's old news. I just honestly didn't give it thought until you guys brought it up. So thanks for not throwing things at me, and instead politely pointing it out :]

    What are Authors? What are addons? 

    Do you have a project? You're an Author. Have you uploaded a file? In general, that's an Addon. CurseForge isn't just SC2Mapster. We cater to WoW, Minecraft, WildStar and many others. All of our creators, we call Authors. Because essentially, that's what you do. The creations that you make, in their simplest form, are Addons for a game.


    That just makes it easier for me when I'm writing documentation. The reality is, we still view you all as very individual and unique communities. Which is why I'm here to listen and help :] 


    I will continue updating this FAQ as I get time throughout the day. If your question doesn't appear here, never fear! I have a super secret document with lots of profanity and notes. No matter how small the complaint, it will be recorded. I'll never promise we'll fix or address them all, but every ounce of feedback is important to the big picture.

    Will this fix spam?

     If we could entirely stop spam, we would all be driving Ferraris and Lambos because let's face it, that's the holy grail. The big kahuna. The cash cow, right? Sarcasm and fun aside, no. It won't. It does however give us much better and clearer tools to help manage spam. It will take some time for "Skynet" to really get up to speed, but we are working on it. Inevitably it will be lower, and less prominent by virtue of newer spam filter technology.

    Will the Front Page change?

    While it's too early (we haven't had a real post migration team discussion yet , holidays yo!) for me to make a proper statement on this - it's definitely noted as a sore spot. I've gathered some really valuable suggestions and information - and as you all continue posting that list continues to grow. Expect a much better answer for this after the new year starts and we're all back in the office.


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