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    Why do you say it is impossible? I think both your options you state are valid and common options. You can limit the lobby drop downs through the use of "Game Variants" which I'm sure there is a tutorial for in the link in my signature.


    For simply disregarding the race dropdown in the lobby, I would hide it, using the "Player attributes" tab of Game Variants to set access to "hidden". Then use the trigger "Set Player Race" to set everyone to what you want.


    I hope this was explained in a way that helps you, let me know if you want me to go further on part of this.

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    posted a message on instant mineral pickups give 50 minerals to other players

    There are some coops that give the money to both players. I'm not familiar with the coop stuff, otherwise, I'd say that effect is not the only place it determines the value.

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    Its not very convenient for people to come back here after downloading. Most consumers just want to play, and if it's bad, they go back to their usual routine after murmuring bad thoughts to themselves. Most people just aren't aware that creators want feedback, so they think for 2 seconds that hey this could be improved or hey this sucks, and never go farther than the thought.

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    I'm always impressed by the campaign scene on this site. I never see much of anything on the Arcade lists (probably bnets fault), but people here always seem to find what they want.

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    I like that list of improvements.


    I was curious because I'd never even looked at Wizards before. Neat feature. There is only one example anywhere online from what I can see (This thing) which is from an Arcane, not sure if it's the Arcane I've seen frequent these forums or not. I tried creating my own, but I couldn't find a way to do it that wouldn't take hours of looking up all the id fields that would need to be put in as inputs for the wizard as copying from the ability xml didn't offer me much.


    I also noticed all the standard abilities from the core data have a small snippet at the top of the xml view about Wizards, not sure what to do with it though.

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    I checked the tutorial wiki from my signature, and it looks like Sc2broodsc2 went in and marked a few that were broken or "outdated".  I went in and made it much easier to read. However, I'd like to have consistency. So what should "outdated" mean? It looks to me like he marked any that are more than a couple years old. But I'm not sure how in depth he looked at how relevant those still are, because I saw he marked some of them as still useful, though old. I'd like to go in, or have someone go in and mark the rest.


    Edit: In addition many of the links got broken with the new website because the forum # changed. I added a small label of which sections have been checked for broken links

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    There is this tool: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/10788362/starcraft-ii-art-tools-open-beta-8-30-2013


    Other than that, I'm not very knowledgeable in the 3d modeling world. I think you just gotta learn a tool like 3d max and make your own stuff from there.


    things like http://docs.autodesk.com/3DSMAX/16/ENU/3ds-Max-Tutorials/

    or I think some people use gimp??? so like this: https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/

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    So how does this rewards program work? It wasn't very specific in the rules on how we earn points.

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    posted a message on How to restore abandoned map project?

    If you go into your published maps in the battle net part of the editor, it may let you download the file depending on if you locked it.

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    Kinetics are physics applications that offer unique ways of giving units interesting physics effects. Some great examples of those are found here.

    Remember you can right click an image to see the bigger original file if these are too small for your liking.

    Setting up a Plan

    First, you need to decide what you want to do with your kinetic. For this tutorial, I'm going to do a very basic Kinetic that only applies to one pre-placed unit on the map. However, you may decide that you want yours to apply to any unit created.


    Here, I have placed a Raven which I will want to rotate around the marine, and a turret which will follow the marine.

    Creating the Kinetic

    Open up the Data editor.

    Go to the Kinetics tab which can be found using the + icon under Advanced Game Data. Add a new Kinetic. You will notice all the different types you can make.

    • Follow: Just like it sounds, follows the target.
    • Rotate: Orbits the target.
    • Sequence: Add multiple Kinetics to an order which will be executed in the order you put them.
    • Set: Set multiple Kinetics to apply at once.
    • Translate: Move directionally, nice for things like WSAD movement.

    For this tutorial, I'm only going to use Follow and Rotate. So create one of each of those to start.

    Understanding the Fields

    Click on the follow Kinetic you just made to see some fields.


    You'll notice some similar fields to what you'll find in behaviors and effects. I'll assume you know how those ones like chance work. The main field you'll use in the follow Kinetic is the Where field which is circled in the picture above. this field will open the popup shown in the picture. Here, you can set which unit you want to have followed, or set the kinetic to activate during a certain effect. This is particularly useful when creating kinetics that will be applied to multiple units.


    For this tutorial, we do not need to change any of these values, as the default works for us, so let's move on.


    If you get these messages from the picture above, like I do, you'll have to do a little work around which I will show below.



    You'll notice some new fields in this rotate Kinetic (All set in degrees):

    • Pitch: x-axis
    • Roll: y-axis
    • Yaw: z-axis

    There are also a few other fields you'll most likely use:

    • Duration: How long it takes to perform the pitch/roll/yaw
    • Cycles: If you do not want the Kinetic happening forever, you can set it to a set number of times. Be careful though, you also will have to have an effect to remove the behavior we will create later, or it will still do this Kinetic forever.

    If you have the error I have, you won't be able to edit those fields which are important for the direction of movement. To fix this, click the View Raw Data option at the top which is circled in the above picture. Then you can edit those fields and press enter to save, before taking off the raw data view.


    In this tutorial, we want the raven to rotate around the marine, which means that we will want to rotate around the z-axis, or the Yaw. Set it to 360 to equate to a full circle, then set the Duration field to a small number like 10 seconds or less. This will determine how fast the raven moves.



    Now we have our Kinetics set up, so we need effects to actually apply them. Open the Effects tab in the Data editor and create a new effect.



    You'll notice there is an effect type called Apply Kinetic. You will need one of these for each Kinetic you want to apply.



    Selected in the picture above, the Kinetic field will have to be set to the accompanying Kinetic which we made in the previous step. That is all we need for the effects.



    Now we will need behaviors for each Kinetic to be able to actually give the Kinetic to a unit so that it has instructions.



    It does not matter whether it is a Buff or Attribute since we are not editing any stats of the unit in this example. So create a behavior of either type for each Kinetic.



    You will notice in the picture above, we will need to edit the Effect Initial property of the behavior and set it to the appropriate effect from the ones we just made.


    You may also want to edit the Duration or Effect Final instead to meet your own needs. For this example, we will leave those empty. Additionally, if you are going for a Kinetic that is applied to every instance of a specific unit (like every marine on the map), now is when you can add this behavior to the unit through the Data editor, or add the effect to an ability, depending on your needs.



    Now we have all the Data we need. For situations where you only want a single unit to have a Kinetic, we're going to need Triggers. Open the Trigger editor.



    We will need to add the behaviors we made to the correct units using Triggers. Depending on your situation, you can fiddle with the event.


    Under Actions, create a Add Behavior action.



    Look at the picture above for help on what we need from this action.

    • Behavior: The behavior for the Kinetic you want applied.
    • Unit: The unit that you want to do the kinetic (the unit you want to do the following for example).
    • Caster: The Target for where the Kinetic should function from (the unit/location you want to rotate around for example)

    Interesting note: You can do both a follow and a rotate to have the orbiting unit face the same direction as the target as the target moves.


    For this example, we only need 2 actions, one for each situation we had planned. Which will look like the picture below.




    Final Result:



    Video Version of this Tutorial:



    Below is also a copy of the map used for this tutorial.

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    Hmm. I've never thought about doing a written one. We'll see how much free time this weekend I have, maybe I'll give it a try.


    Edit: Had some time. It took a lot longer to type everything out than I expected. But Here it is.

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    posted a message on How to launch Projectiles from Projectiles?

    There are a number of things that could be a problem.


    You may have not set the second missile actor correctly. You may have an invalid duration for periods which would cause none to occur (For example 0 I think would cause this). The last thing I could think of, is that the second missile is not finding a target to land on, so it is never getting created.



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    posted a message on [Tutorial] Fishy's Playlist

    I made a basic Kinetics tutorial. This one was especially fun to make as I did not know Kinetics even were a feature until recently. It has been added to the playlist.

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    The raw data option worked very well. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Kinetics

    That's annoying, but if it works, I guess it is what I'll have to do. I will try it the next time I get the chance.

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