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    posted a message on [Paid] Carbot's "StarCrafts Mod" Data Editor Assistant Position

    Hi, today i got the video on YouTube announcing that the StarCrafts Mod Demo has been already released. I would like so bad to get it! But i live in Cuba and infortunately i have no access to Battle.net to get the mod :( (actually, i play StarCraft by using the StarFriend server), so i won't be able to get the mod. So my question is: Is there any link where i could get the mod to insert it into my StarCraft 2?.... any help would be welcome! :)

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    2. CarbotAnimations
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    Hi, i'm some kind of noob here, and i can't find the link to download this Precursors campaign..., but it seems to be released, so... where is it? Also, do you now if there is any remake of "Enslavers" campaign?, I think that is the one where Infested Stukov is presented for the first time...

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