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    Good day everyone, so i had some ideas and wanted to see about implementation maybe get a few good map creators out there who want to make a little scratch in doing so.


    idea 1:

    in the basic sense take WoL, HotS, LotV, and CO and make a version where you start the campaign with full tech tree. make enemies stronger as a result, remove certain voice lines, etc. basically giving players more options to play through without having to choose a path.


    - this will include all unit types, all armory upgrades, all mercs, and all research in WoL (meaning no having to choose between left or right path in zerg and protoss research)


    -in HotS either have access to both evolutions or a combined version of both units.

    (i.e. have swarmling and raptorling fighting alongside or as one unit, with as many issues of that unit type ironed out. like the swarmling population usage)

    all 3 improvements for each unit applied at once

    all passive kerrigan abilities active, but select usable abilities


    -LoTV have access to all 4 different unit types. the initial version in the case of the zealot as well as the upgraded 3 you obtain throughout the campaign. (mothership would be its own button as to not have multiple on map) and when the player builds units it's similar to the randomizer as in it deploys one of the four each time something is trained or built.


    -CO give all units all upgrades they would be able to obtain.


    idea 2: mixed race campaigns of all those listed above. like what Synergy has put out


    idea 3: a modification to WoL. (and maybe even given the mixed race campaign as well)

    first or second mission would play as normal until a certain point where if the player scouted around a bit they would find a structure they could destroy before completing mission. once destroyed player would gain access to a special build for the remainder of the campaign. it would be a final mission mengsk build from the final HotS mission giving the player access to build merc units from normal buildings and only those units. (blackhammer, skyfury sqaudron, etc.)


    Idea 4: modified single unit campaigns, where the player only has access to one unit of choosing but includes units not able to be normally produced by the player like the tri blink purifier stalker, or warhounds, etc. (obviously yes this can be done normally, but in this case it would remove all unnecessary structures from build queue and make some missions virtually impossible, which is understandable)



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