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    Any advice on how to get the new Attack Modifiers multishot working? It said in the patchnotes if no MultishotEffect was defined it would default to the effect of the weapon, but I can't seem to find a MultishotEffect input field at all. And the MultishotSearchPattern? It seems to need a search area effect but I can't seem to make it work. Even then, I don't know how to filter out the primary target of the attack so that if it did work, it wouldn't hit the same person twice per attack.

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    I'm resurrecting this post.

    In your persistent effect, make the period effect a Switch Effect.

    Make the top effect of the switch a Destroy Persistent effect that removes the persistent, disable fall through,

    Set the validator of this value in the Switch effect to be a "location crosses cliff" validator. Set the locations of of the validator to Source Point and Target Point.

    Now, when the period effect crosses a cliff, it will destroy the persistent effect.


    Also put any effects you want the persistent to do after the destroy persistent in the switch effect.

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