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    posted a message on StarCraft: Replicant (Campaign) Feedback

    In reply to raducu273:

     Have to agree with Jayborino here. You are being very offensive, and presenting your feedback this way does not help the creator. Why not actually try to explain what made the mission so challenging and deliver some examples?

    If I found a comment like this on one of my projects I'd just delete it and move on.

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    posted a message on A War Story [Custom Campaign] Announcement

    In reply to MaskedImposter:

     What can I say, I'm foreign, I'm allowed to make mistakes. XD

    Thanks for pointing it out, though!



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    posted a message on StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

    Progress is going well. Few triggers remain before I begin testing/balancing and start working on the concluding cinematic.

    I do expect I will be quite busy in late-December, so I'm either looking at a release in early December if we're lucky, or else early next year. Hoping for this year tho!


    Stay tuned ~

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    Quote from DEFILERRULEZ>>
     New models? So you know that i have a fetish for custom models!
    May i suggest to add three thousand Warhounds on each mission? :D

    Sure thing. But you're gonna be the one fighting them.

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    - New Models Added -

    Thanks to VastanX, all Annihilation missions have now been supplied with unique models for several of the campaign's main characters. Thanks to you for making these, Vastan!


    This does mean that I have updated all missions with these models, as well as several other changes. See the full list of changes below.

    • All Missions: New, unique models and wireframes have been made for Maxwell Reeves, Morganus Krayen, Jared Malrick, Ivan Crowley and Harris Arrow. A new portrait has also been made for Harris Arrow.
    • All Missions: Loading screen has been updated to coincide with new Hero models. In addition, a brand new loading screen has been created for Mission 01 "Mindless Creatures".
    • All Missions: Loading screen text has been moved slightly to the right.
    • A21, A22, A23: Flashback images for cinematics have been altered to coincide with updated Hero models.



    Download the updated missions:

    Currently under review, so they might not be available for a couple hours.

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    Mission 24 Update:


    Almost finished with terraining. I expect it to be done within the next 1-2 days. Once that happens, it's data work (which won't take that long) and then triggers. The final mission shouldn't take too long to fully trigger, but I might need to do quite a bit of testing depending on exactly how things go. So, maybe a release in November or December is doable.


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    In reply to EDHRIANO:

     You know, I feel exactly the same way ;(
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    posted a message on StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

    Development of Mission 23 is going well. Working on the final cinematic. Planned release is sometime next week.

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    Mission 23 Teaser:

    Progress on Mission 23 is going well, and the terrain is about halfway done, so I figure I'd show off a little teaser, without revealing too much.


    This might be the first time in a while where I can release a mission without a 3-4 month gap between them. Stay tuned for any new updates!

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    Mission 22 Released!


    So, it finally happened. Mission 22 has officially been released and is ready for your enjoyment.


    You can download the mission here.


    Estimated playtime including cutscenes: 1,5 hours



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