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    I think that this old beam isnt avaliable in the beta, maybe theyll add it back when the full game its released.

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    Map Updated with above changes.


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    Quote from Psiclone01: Go

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Those were all helpful.

    A couple new things have come up, and if anyone could help with them, that would be great:

    1) In a trigger, how do you specify a specific unit that isn't on the map yet? Say a Nexus creates a Probe, but I don't want Probes usable so I want it destroyed when it's created. How would I do it just for the Probe itself and not "any unit?"

    3) Lastly, how can I make it so specific units aren't selectable at all?

    Hello, i dont have access to the editor atm but this should help:

    1) I think youre looking for "Last created unit", if im not wrong, that refers only to the last created unit by that specific trigger, so if you have 2 triggers running at the same time, you can use 'last created unit' on both and the actions will only affect those units. Sorry if i didnt make it clear, triggers are not my best =s

    3) You can make an unit unselectable by disabling this function in the data editor.
    Go to the Data editor
    Select the Units tab
    Look for the unit and on the right panel look for the Flags field
    Double click it and scroll down until you find the 'Unselectable' option, uncheck it.

    Hope it works :)
    Someone pls correct me if im wrong.

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    Quote from Artanis186: Go

    Yes! The first bound! It's pretty good. To be honest, I was struggling most with the first level. The hit detection seems a bit off. Very nice map though. Fun while it lasted.

    Than you for the feedback and im glad you enjoyed it.

    Well, the hit detection on the first obstacles is set to 1.1m for the probes, maybe I should lower that and increase their move speed.

    Ill post another file later with these changes.

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    Hello everyone, I just finished my first map, never worked with any editor before, so took me some time to figure some things out.

    Lost Zergling

    A poor zergling got lost and you must help him find his way home.

    There are obstacles you must avoid.
    Ill post a pic later.

    Download: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/lost_zergling/

    Please report any bugs.
    Enjoy ^^

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