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    I need to make a correction to the Arm Magazine ability type. It seems the targeting of the spawned units is not directly based on the attack ability or the weapon even though both are required. you can disable either using requirements or lack the attack button and the target aquisition still sends the units after a target.

    It seems to have fully independent spawns that only attack a specific unit under conditions you must disable all weapons on the spawning unit using a behaviour with a periodic effect to apply the enabling behaviour (limited by validators or requirements) which in turn disables the disabling behaviour but when expires applies the disabling behaviour.

    An alternative is to just have two behaviours, both permanent. One disables the weapon and the enabler behavior with a requirement or validator less than what is wanted and the enabler which disables the disabler and enables the weapon with a disabling validator or requirement greater than or equal to what is wanted.

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    posted a message on Z coordinate offset for launch location?

    I think that would require the missile model to have attachment points and most missiles lack any of those.

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    posted a message on XP From Mobs

    Under units Combat - Kill Experience, that gives how much exp you get by killing a unit. Also under units Behaviour - Damage Dealt (Veterancy) and Behaviour - Damage Taken (Veterancy) can affect exp gain. Under behaviours of the type veterancy Behaviour - Experience Fraction make sure what you want to give exp is not set to 0.

    Exp is bugged with exp share as far as I know, blizzard plans to fix this in later patches.

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    posted a message on Muzzle Flashing visual from bunker like units

    Visuals are usually actor related so have you tried checking the events of the flash from the actual bunker?

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    posted a message on how do i change this

    Try having a search with a validator hp <x% and an issue order effect linked to repair?

    Also when the unit is not created with the arm magazine ability can it repair?

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    posted a message on Zerg Hunter RPG: Betrayal unlocked

    I play in europe and bnet cant get the dependencies. All I get is a map without even any hero system.

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    posted a message on [Warlords ORPG] - Official Thread

    The basic concept of the RPG lacks scope for the Chaotic Evil concept where the people will go to war with both polar parties. The only hero shown so far looks like a cheap pokemon/monster chasers rpg (WC3) rip and the map looks tiny and uncreative as far as environments go. So far all you show is teleporting betweeen towns making this an rpg and not orpg. Also with the videos you waste over 25% of your time with the loading screen caused by your prehistoric PC. When you show clips people want the highlights not the flaws.

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    posted a message on [Data] Working with Beams (Beginner Difficulty)

    When making proper beams you need to change the movermove target under the beam actor and the signal arrival of the mover actor. As for the problem of it moving out of range, are you sure you have not upped radius maxiumum count and not just radius?

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    posted a message on [How to] Copy Colossus Weapon

    The answer is simple there are three factors that affect the laser path.

    One is the timing between periods, increase the gaps between the periodic effects and the curving increases. Make the gaps too long though and you will get a single beam that stops to each point.

    The speed of the mover actor can affect how well the beam curves. With my circlular spell I had it making between ovals egg shapes and clover leaves by adjusting the max speed of the mover by only 0.5. Above 10 all the laser did was form an inverse parabola of a quater of the circle.

    The spacing between the points also affects how well the mover for the beam can turn.

    Another facinating thing I found was the choice of model for the beam affects the mover speed and rate of turning. The archeon beam is amazingly slow compared to others. Also the void ray beams dont work in this way while the protoss soul steal3 ones are quite good.

    As a personal preferance and achievement I made 5 beams go in 360 degree circles for 5 cycles constantly (ok it occasiaonally bugs for some reason and they cut across the middle to catch up) with the protoss souls steal 3 beam and the protos building fire medium as an impact effect. If i knew how to upload videos I would post it.

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    posted a message on Merge Ability?

    I do not know how you can get the merge to choose between two products, but you can limit what can merge with what by using the unit allowed requirement.

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    posted a message on Ability types?

    1: Arm Magazine: This creates units which can or cannot ignore supply and can have an effect cast on them on creation. If held external box is not checked you need to use the Use magazine effect to attack with the units like the carrier does. If the units are external they will automatically attack independent targets if they are allowed to but will automatically focus on the target of the host units primary weapons like brood lord. Can be made to be automatic.

    2: Attack: Does what it says (uses weapons to attack) has max and min weapon speed multipliers and filters for auto aquire.

    3: Augment: Casts the effect then the ability, can be autocast. Used by the zealot charge ability.

    4/5: Battery/Beacon: Not yet had time to play with those yet

    6: Behaviour: Activates/deactivates a behaviour eg. cloaking, overlord creep generation

    7: Build: allows construction of buildings, usually combined with a command card to accomidate the list. Under Stats - Flags has several options of interest. Used by all race builders and by ravens.

    8: Buildable: What makes the terran buildings need a worker constantly working on them to be built.

    9: Effect - Instant: Casting times not included casts effect from where the unit stands.

    10: Effect - Target: Casting times not included targets a unit or patch of ground and moves casting unit till it is within range and casts effect. Psi Storm and snipe are examples.

    11: Generic: Seems to be a relic from the making of the editior as it lacks any special properties.

    12: Harvest: Gathers resources from whatever the resource is. Used by the drones/mules/SCVs/Probes but not the auto refinery.

    13: Interact: Gives access to the unit's line of sight and abilities. Can be exclusive to one player eg. Xel Naga Los Towers. Also able to be used for making shops for heroes.

    14: Inventory: Creates a small button just north of the command card that opens the inventory for items. takes a long time to configure and has a bug preventing you from deleting columns so plan your unit's inventory with care.

    15: Learn: Used in combination with the Veterancy Behaviour and can be used to learn skills on level up like WC3 heroes.

    16: Merge: Works in combination with Mergable, tells what units are able to merge to form what unit (needs requirements if multiple unit chains can merge). Used by templars.

    17: Mergable: Allows the merge to be canceled and determines the starting % vitals of the produced unit. Used by Archeon. I have not yet experimented with this ability.

    18: Morph: Changes one unit into the other and sets the delays before completion and has the possiblity to cast effects at various stages of the morph. Used by most secondary zerg buildings and units. Also used by gates to open and close them, to burrow/unburrow units and to upgrade preplaced add-ons.

    19: Morph Placement: Used to place mobile morphed structures that convert into immobile forms.

    20: Move: Does as it says. Affects flee and follow ranges.

    21: Pawn: Involved in selling items. I have not tested this skill yet.

    22: Progress: No clue not tested this yet.

    23: Queue: Determines how many units to be trained can be stacked and how many can train at once.

    24: Queueable: I think this affects the refund if you cancel a unit in the queue.

    25: Rally: sets where trained units go on the map (can be linked with filters for multiple). HIve uses two.

    26: Redirect/Redirect Instant/Redirect Target: Found only on bunkers and is involved in bossing around the units in the cargo space to attack/heal/use stims. Needs Allow Passenger Smart Command under Transport.

    27: Research: Use this and a command card to learn upgrades.

    28: Revive: Brings back the specified revive unit (set under unit). You need to alter the unit death times so the corpses dont decay too fast, but beware of lag caused by it.

    29: Specialize: Not too sure about this one myself, I am open for suggestions.

    30: Stop: does as says, can be combined with requirements for conditional halting (ie large statue guardian thingies).

    31: Train: Trains units if there is a queue that then head to the rally point.

    32: Transport: Involed in the loading and unloading of cargo units. The most interesting is the Bunker and Nydus Worm. Player Hold flag makes cargo shared by all units of the type.

    33: Warp Train: Trains units at long range, I need to test how it is related to Warpable.

    34: Warpable: Not tested but presume it has to do with the Warp Train placement.

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    posted a message on Can someone point me in the right direction? :D

    Creep is its own independent terrain texture, under Terrain Texture Sets there are several options for the creep including Creep Texture which allows you to change what the creep looks like (some need you to adjust Creep Settings - Texture Tiling). I find the sludgewater texture looks quite good.

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    posted a message on Building Zerg units without larva

    Under the Larva Morph Unit (train ability under Stats - Flags remove the kill on complete and cancel.

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    posted a message on need help to create a certain spell

    1: Behaviour (buff): set Combat - Damage Response - Chance to 1 (or less) and Combat - Damage Response - Handeled to the effect from step 2.

    2: Effect (apply behaviour): set the Behaviour - Behaviour to step 3 and maybe the Unit - Unit - Value to Caster.

    3: Behaviour (buff): set Stats - Duration to whatever you want and Effect - Effect - Initial to step 4 and Effect - Effect - to step 6.

    4: Effect (apply behaviour): set the Behaviour - Behaviour to step 5 and maybe the Unit - Unit - Value to Caster.

    5: Behaviour (veterancy): set Behaviour - Veterancy Levels - Modification - Damage Dealt to whatever you want.

    6: Effect (remove behaviour): set the Behaviour - Behaviour to step 5 and maybe the Unit - Unit - Value to Caster.

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    posted a message on maeing broodlords produce more broodlings and faster

    Dont forget the requrement in the arm magazine that limits total number of broodlings per brood lord to 2.

    Other wise alter the arm magazine to produce them faster and the hangar (queue) to increase number built at once.

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