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    This is my first serious map project for StarCraft II. I've always enjoyed the campaign aspect of StarCraft and have played through all of Blizzards campaigns several times, along with a multitude of different campaigns made by the public.

    "Path of the Damned" is a remake of Blizzards Warcraft 3 undead campaign, converted into Starcraft world using basic units, tho with a twist!

    It includes 7 missions which mean that I decided to skip the first "no base" map and instead made a little mix of chapter 1 & 2 as one map.

    All maps are nearly fully voiced with a few logical exeptions. So make sure u have show subtitles on in ingame options.


    The Lich King's plague has spread through the Capital City and into the outskirts of Lordaeron. Shocked and disheartened by the loss of their beloved king, the forces of Lordaeron were scattered by the ravenous Zerg. Now, Lordaeron is but a shadow of its former glory - and Prince Arthas has yet to be seen...

    How to play:

    Requires atleast Heart of the Swarm expansion to play.

    This campaign comes with a mod that has to be put into your basic mod catalogue.

    Unfortunaly Blizzard doesnt support campaign play, so the only way to play these maps is by opening up the first map in starcraft editor and press "Test map"

    Click here for link to download

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    This is some of my own personal favourit maps from blizzards wc3 human story campaign. Which are remade in the SC2 world using basic units. Atm this is just a beta, meaning, that the terrain is bad and its missing cinematics and prologues.

    Anyways, the only requirement for the maps to work properly is that u choose BRUTAL difficulty. (Dont worry, its no where near as hard as brutal) No mod is needed.

    Hope to see a comment of what u think so far.

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    Do anyone know who run this site? Any kind of contact person or so?

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