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    so iv been teaching my self how to use 3ds max, and started exporting Dawn of war 2 models into it to see if i can import them in to sc2. and let me tell you, that was a bitch at first, but im pretty sure i have a good hang of it now. i still got some stuff to learn with small technical things like if i wanted to add attachment points, partical effects and stuff like that, but bottom line is models work in game and animations to, so thats a good start. lol

    so heres the thing, to me the textures didn't turn out like i wanted them, as they dont look as good as they do in there respective game. but im sure thats because these are the base textures with out dow2 team color textures added ontop, since the two games handle those textures differently. anyways what im looking for is some one skilled in textures to give me a hand here add some team colors and generally make the units look more badass, since i have no skills in that area, and so i can concentrate my efforts in into bringing in the rest of the units in to sc2.

    models can be found in the assets http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/dow2-units/

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