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    posted a message on List of all the Regions gone.

    For future reference, I would check View > Show UI > Show Palette. That's what shows / hides that section, at least.

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    @zifoon: Go

    Making them visible to only the owner is fine. It's also OK if the model isn't associated with a unit.

    I've never gotten Actor - Filters to work for Unit Actors. Have you tested Actor - Filters on a Unit Actor and confirmed that they work? I just changed Marine to have Filter - Ally, Self, and spawned one for me and one for an enemy player, but both show up.

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    I'm wondering how to only show a model to a single player, and none of the others. Doing this with a unit would be cool too (no, this is not the same as cloaking, since cloaking displays the unit as a "ripple" to the other players), but not necessary - I just want a visual indication of the next objective for a specific player.

    Basically I want something similar to the red indicator put around the Mengsk Holo-displays in Liberation Day (when you first discover them), but only to a one player (and not all the others).

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    posted a message on A Warning To Mapmakers

    Like someone mentioned, this "inefficiency" is because for-loops can either be ascending or descending.

    I've released a proper library to solve this, it's available at http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/utility-library/ - let me know if you have any problems. The project page also shows an example of how it produces 125 lines for 8 nested loops.

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    posted a message on What to change in the Galaxy Editor

    I also have a thread about changes I'd like to the Mac version - some of these might apply to Windows too. http://forums.sc2mapster.com/mapping-utilities/editor-bugs-and-feedback/7855-galaxy-editor-for-mac-wishlist-buglist/ :-)

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    posted a message on Prozaic's SC2 Editor Tutorials (Week 7)

    From IRC: I'd appreciate a good explanation of Scopes, Aliases and how they're created / used, what creates them, how you use them, etc. :-)

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    (This is crossposted from http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/375112541)

    Galaxy Editor for Mac Wishlist / Bug compilation

    These are things that bug me about the Galaxy Editor for Mac (aside from the crashes), and if you either know how to fix them or agree with me that Blizzard should change this, post here. :-)

    Also, if you have pet peeves, post them here. (Some of these might apply to Windows too.)


    • Allow the editor to run even if all the modules for a map is closed.
    • Make windows (the different modules) show up in the Window list, instead of the different open files.
    • Do not minimize all the open windows when Starcraft 2 is started for testing - this is a lot more annoying than on Windows - or at least allow for an option to disable it (alternatively, restore them when SC2 exits)
    • Under Preferences > Startup there's a Module Launcher available. Make this into a "recent maps" so that it doesn't open a map NOR a module, but a window similar to Module Launcher that allows you to pick one of the recent maps, a new map or explicitly load a map.
    • Make default keys for Mac more similar to standard keys on Mac, e.g. Cmd-W should close a window, not create a new element (trigger editor), add a newline (text editor), etc.
    • Have Region updates show in the terrain view when being updated in the Region Properties window. (Someone told me this works on Windows, and maybe it's because modal alert panels are being used it's not working?)
    • Make Enter/Return in the Publishing Battle.net login dialog be Connect.


    • Publishing: Minimap is published upside down!
    • Terrain Editor: Zooming small increments using the "two-finger touch" on the touchpad on my MBP is very erratic - it jumps in and out, making it impossible to use. Zooming using the scroll wheel on an external mouse does not exhibit this behavior.
    • Data Editor: Tooltips for fields are not shown if using table view (works on Windows).
    • Data Editor: Preferences has the hotkey Cmd-, (which is standard), but it does not work in Data editor (because here it is "Reset to Parent").
    • Trigger Editor: If Show Libraries (Shift-Cmd-L) is enabled then pressing OK on many panels (popup window) makes the "current trigger" window / tab on the right become empty (reproduce: press OK on selecting a variable to use for array index in Set Variable).
    • Trigger Editor: Quit hotkey (Cmd-Q) doesn't work if you are editing a Preset, as Cmd-Q is now Add Preset Value.
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    posted a message on Looking for players to test & play with (US)


    I was recently given the responsibility of publishing Vophsix' map The Final Conquest, an arena based map, on US B.Net. Because of this, I'm looking for players to test the map with and to play it with to increase it's popularity.


    If you want to play, just look for The Final Conquest in the join game list, or add me and we can play. I'm daxxar 493.

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