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    posted a message on Help: How can you disable structure build in an area.

    Okay. I don't use map editor, simply because i don't understand it.  but for a friend i need an explanation of how disable structure building works.


    Clarification: My friend is working on a custom race he is making. He wants to make a race around the robotic zerg skins, but he is running into a problem. 


    Zerg have creep yes. his custom race he wants to make something like creep(Nanites he calls it). He can. But he does not want is his nanites and creep to overlap with either one being able to build in the Overlapped zone. 


    what i am trying to figure out. is if there is a way to disable structure building as an aura so that zerg cannot build in the overlapped zone. Can somebody help us with this?


    Note: for his nanite deal. he wants to be able to build anywhere like terrain can but the structure takes damage overtime like zerg, and still function. However the nanites are their only source of regen where the buildings will not Die.


    The way we think we could do it. is by giving the Nanite(creep)colony 2 auras with one turning off structure building for all players. Then a second that enables building for all allies. (His nanite colonies are right now using the Power Field visual)


    We just don't know how to disable structures for the first aura to work and disable zerg building in the nanite zone.


    Paper example: Yellow is Nanites, red is zerg

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