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    Main thing is if I knew something was situational, I would be listing it as so. To me, all I see it as is just simply another coat of paint on a car; so long as it isn't to Garish or Horrible looking, it is fine.

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    Negative Team colors are something that have gotten rather unnoticed: If only because of how "Interesting" it is to try to get them. However, I figured that I might as well go ahead and show off Negative team colors, as well as how to do them.


    First, what you will want to do is open up the editor, then go to the Data tab. From there, you have two choices on how you want to go about it.


    The Spoiler Below Contains Info for doing it on an actor.

    First, head over to the actor Tab. After that, you will want to find an actor that you will want to have the color applied to, like a marine or a zergling. Then, you will want to open up that actor and go to their events. You will want to create a Set Team Color Actor message, preferrably messing with the HDR a little. After that, Go into XML view and put a minus sign after the HDR Number. An Example of this is the following:

    <On Terms="ActorCreation" Send="SetTeamColor {0,255,0 -1.000000} {0,255,0 -1.000000}"/>

    This will net you a Unique Dark purple color upon the actor being created.

     The Spoiler Below Contains Info for doing it on the actual team color.

    This one is simpler than modifying the Actor directly.

    What you will want to do is Find Gameplay Data under Edit Advanced Game Data.

    After that, type in "Team" under the search bar on the right, and you should get the team colors. You can edit the HDR of them directly by entering in the negative value.

    So, knowing how to do it is fine, but what do they look like?

    The general rule is that diffuses typically don't get too crazy(Typically resulting in that darkened color look in the example, being a dark green), while Emissives tend to have this "Whiteout" of sorts happen to them(the white surrounded by the purple in stalker, same around the zealot's blades in first example).  Inverted colors tend to be more vibrant, or, in some cases, darker, than using Low value HTML colors of the same value, as shown on Example 4, with the inverted colors on the right({0,34,34 -1} {0,34,34 -1}) and normal on the left({34,0,0 1} {34,0,0 1})


    The actual values within them can be changed, leading to a more darkened color seen in examples 2 and 3: Not quite Dark grey, but nearing there. The third example has 00FFFF as Hex color(0,255,255 in Decimal color), with the other one having a Hex color of 002222(0,34,34 in Decimal color). They both have the Same HDR: -1. 


    Thanks for reading.

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    Hello, I would like to make custom campaigns and whatnot for everyone here. Is there any tutorials for this?

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