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    posted a message on [Model] Abomination and Arachnathid

    I need the abomination model from WoW, and, if possible, with a bump and specter map.

    I also need the arachnathid model from Warcraft 3. If possible, a bump map and specter map added as well. And, if you're really up for it, refinement of the model, animations, and texture to better fit SC2.

    Thank you very much!

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    posted a message on [issue] Can't Convert .mdx to .m3 In 3dmax

    I'm using 3d max 2012.

    I'm trying to import an arachnathidgreen.mdx model from wc3 into 3d max and convert it into a .m3, but I'm having issues.

    If I import it as .mdx and then export it as an .m3, only the bones are showing. If I import it and then check "import as .m3", then try to export it as an .m3, it errors.

    Can anyone help me on this?

    Also, using war3modeleditor, I removed a few of the textures and deleted the materials (for the spark on his tail in the spell anim) and then exported 3 of the textures, saved them as TGA, and then set the materials/nodes to use those.

    Edit: Pics included. http://postimage.org/image/rpmdvqi8l/


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    posted a message on [Data] Passive Abilities Level Up W/ Learn Ability Tutorial

    Thank you very much it works excellently! I was having trouble with this for days. I had no idea I had to add a cost for each level until now.

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