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    Howdy folks,


    We are the Project ROC team and our mission is simple. Empower anyone to make great games, regardless of technical abilities or artistic skill. ROC editor is a free cross-platform game engine inspired by classic RTS editors (such as Warcraft 3 and SC2). It comes bundled with thousands of high-quality 3D assets we use in our own games. It is also equipped with all the tools necessary to publish and monetize F2P games on mobile, PC, and web.


    Our team believes best games are born from innovation, passion, and limitations. As such, we're excited to announce the ROC Winter Jam! We are launching this free, online game jam to foster and support creative games with $2,000 in prizes! This jam will run for four weeks, kicking off with the theme announcement on December 5th. Register here for access to our community, editor, and docs.


    Our team will judge submissions based on creativity, depth, and approachability. Games should have easy and intuitive controls, suitable for portrait mode on mobile. You can check the full details on the contest page.


    As part of our mission to support great games, we're always looking for the right projects to fund. If you and your game are a good fit, we would love to help work your game concept into a fully realized game.

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    Thanks for those who applied for your interest, the position has since been filled.

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    Hey folks,

    Our team is looking for a technical designer to help out on development of our existing games. We're particularly interested in a sc2 modder for this position as our game editor and tools are very similar to the sc2 editor. Experience with Lua or a similar game scripting language is a huge plus. Remote OK.

    - Passion for games
    - Ability to work in a team environment
    - Fluent in at least one game editor (such as Unity, UE4, StarCraft 2 Editor, or Warcraft 3 Editor)
    - Fluent in Lua or a similar scripting language (we use Lua for our game scripting)
    - Knowledge of and experience with F2P games on mobile or web a plus
    - Experience with UI design and implementation a plus
    - Beat wave 200 in Wild Castle
    - Work closely with our design and product team to implement new game systems and features
    - Assist in iterating and adding content to existing game systems using our tools
    - Assist with reviewing player feedback and responding to customer support messages
    - Work with our engineering team to identify and test new editor features and APIs
    - Design and implementation of UI and improving existing game UI
    To apply, please send a resume to [email protected] and include a brief description about why you're interested in us.
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