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    posted a message on [Showcase] AV Reinforces

    Dude! That's some AWESOME stuff! I am a big DoW2 fan myself, so you certainly got me excited! :-D

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    posted a message on [Showcase] WingedArchon Talon Faction

    Dude, there is nothing you need to apologize for. Like, at all.

    If anything, it is us mapmakers who owe you asset creators for constantly supplying us with the art we need to bring our visions to life.

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    posted a message on [Solved] How do I get rid of Dehaka's Purple Aura?

    The purple aura is a SwarmHeroGlow actor.

    In order to remove it, you have to find Dehaka's actor and take a look at his events field. Delete the actor event that applies the glow and you should be good to go.

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    posted a message on Blaze's "Enflame" doesn't seem to work in Editor.

    Most of the co-op abilities make use of triggers. This includes Blaze's Enflame ability. Just look through the Co-op trigger folder until you find the one that says "data utilities". The Enflame trigger is somewhere in the Tychus folder. 

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    posted a message on [Showcase] AV Reinforces

    I like how you didn't just try to imitate the Ghost designs but "made them your own". Makes them have a really unique feel to them.

    Great job!

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    posted a message on [Showcase] AV Reinforces

    Really gives me IG vibes. The two-legged walker and small tank look like SC versions of the Leman Russ and Sentinel. Pretty cool!

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    posted a message on [Showcase] AV Reinforces

    Wow! Very creative! Maybe make it a little brighter/smoother so that it fits in with the other Xel'naga constructs but other than that it's pretty much perfect.

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    posted a message on [Showcase] Hammer's Models

    The shapeshifter version looks exceptional. Well done!

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    posted a message on [Campaign] Forgotten Brood

    I mean SoK Renewed. Sry for the confusion. If I remember correctly I watched a showcase from Jayborino and then played it myself. I ended up calling in reinforcements, which kind of drowned the game in lag, but I still had fun killing the Zerg anyways.

    I absolutely know what you mean with less detail. I am currently working on my own campaign and it took me a month to make a single micro mission that only uses 70% of the possible map size, because I kept on redoing the entire indoor terrain when I was not happy with how it turned out. And funny enough, now that I think about it, I think I need to redo it again. ^^

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    posted a message on [Showcase] AV Reinforces

    Ok, those vehicles are fricking epic. :O

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