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    What I did to remove lag from my map was to keep all the unit models unloaded until they actually need to be used and then once I'm done with them they get removed.

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    Hey guys I created a map a while ago in 2011 and just recently decided to make some more updates on it. I fixed a lot of the bugs and added in new music and finished the boss level.

    For those who haven't played it, the main theme of the map is to make no 2 levels the same. Every level is completely different than the last and it tests your ability to adapt to new situations. In the beginning each level has a theme and ultimately near the end it starts combining themes while throwing new ones at you. If you are looking for a difficult game that is original and different then this is it. It has 3 different modes and each one is progressively harder than the next while the hardest mode will take you to your limits.

    link: starcraft://map/1/10785

    Sc2mapsterlink: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/escape-zerg/

    Photos: http://s938.photobucket.com/user/boolink125/library/?sort=3&page=1


    In the 2nd level the sniper must be controlled by the infester at all times or he will start attacking your zergling as you see in the video near the end the sniper breaks free and starts attacking me so I have to quickly switch over to the infestor and control him before he makes my zergling run off the map and die.

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    hey thx for the great review. sorry for being away for so long i didn't think anyone played my game anymore and i've been busy with college. and i was also waiting for the popularity system to get better because spamming your map was a pain. i have recently acquired some motivation to start working on my map again and will probably during christmas break. I hope to atleast compelete the boss level and add a few more levels. If your looking for screenshots here http://s938.photobucket.com/albums/ad223/boolink125/?albumview=slideshow

    my sc2 email is boolink2@hotmail.com if you want to add me.

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