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    posted a message on best maps for quick grinding?

    my go-tos are dead of night and lock'n'load for this sort of thing, because all the commanders have some kind of cheese for speedrunning these maps even on hard and brutal difficulty. but i'm going to be doing A LOT of grinding, though, and playing the same 2 maps on repeat is going to be terrible. it's bad enough not getting a new map in 2 years.

    commander specific grinding maps are acceptable, if specific strategies are listed for grinding them.

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    posted a message on Changing sound of spells

    Hello! I am having trouble changing the sound of a spell makes on impact?

    Example I am using fork lighting as the base spell but changing it to be a fork death coil... How do I change the lighting sound to the death coil sound?

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    posted a message on A Thought On SC2: Maps Too Small?
    I just finished watching the epic game between Flash and Jaedong on Rush Hour 3 and I got to thinking why it seems like SC2 never has battles on this scale, with this intensity. Then I realized what may be the biggest difference: Map Size.
    In Starcraft: Brood War, the larger 1v1 maps were HUGE compared to the unit sizes and movement speeds. You had to be everywhere, all at once, split your army up to defend and attack multiple positions. The idea of ​​"mobility" meant something big, something more than the tactical mobility of kiting or forming a faster concave. You had to be able to get around the map fast, put a ton of force in one place and then be gone by the time reinforcements arrive.
    I really feel like a lot of this is missing from SC2. Terrans still have a modest amount of drop ship play, and thanks to the new marauders have a lot of success with base sniping, but I never see anything like the small ground armies running around in this game. Protoss have warp gates, which can be used to attack and defend far flung areas of the map, but even so the distances transversed seem very small compared to those in BW. Zerg now have the creep speed bonus, which helps defensively, but seems to have been considered in balancing because the strongest zerg offencive units (hydras and ultras) now lack a speed upgrade. Also, nydus worms are now priced as an offencive tool, so there is a pretty hard limit on how far away you can defend a base with a ground army.
    Anyone else have similar thoughts?
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