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    Hi everyone, 

    I've made a map that's almost finished except for a few issues I've been having. The foremost (and most important) is regarding faction selection before the game starts. My map has 6 players. Players 1-4 are on one team, and players 5-6 are the other. I've got them all allied up etc. 

    But before the game starts it seems you can't actually choose which player you want to be (each one is different). You just drag/drop on either Team 1 or Team 2, but even if I put myself on team 2 I end up spawning as Player 1 from Team 1 (who should, one would expect, be the top slot of Team 1). 

    Any insight into how to fix this would be appreciated. Most of the triggers are done via player so I hope I didn't do anything super hard to correct lol.


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