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    I'm attempting to try to set up a fairly well made TPS library called " Tomura's Shooter Systems" so I can play the Campaigns in third person.

    I've got a fairly basic understanding by copying the triggers manually, and they seem to accept being like that, except one script seems to prevent Saving or Testing the maps I imported it to (currently testing in a melee map to avoid any possible conflicts), and only lets me save if I disable this one script.

    Under "Spawnstuff"

    Action: TurnShooterControlsOnOff(true,(PlayerGroupSingle(p)), libTShS_ge_ThirdPersonShooter,true)


    I've tried tinkering some scripts from the original map that came with the files, but it seems if I mess with seemingly any of the triggers on even that map, it prevents saving and testing on the original file as well, even if I Undo everything I changed, it still prevents it all in said session with the same trigger preventing it as the melee map's edit does. So I don't suppose I copied the triggers wrong myself since that's the case. But I can't for the life of me understand why it won't save the way it does.


    Hopefully someone has a idea about it.

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