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    Hi guys. It’s been a while sense I have been here and forgot my user name so this is a new account.

    It has also been a while sense I've been into this.

    I’m not a programmer nor do I know programing speak.

    I may not have the right vocabulary so forgive me.


    When WoL first came out the AI cheated and there was a line of code in the map initialization to remove it.

    Now Blizzard allows you to change whether you want the AI to cheat or not.


    One of the differences between a campaign map and a ladder map from the custom maps tab is the game speed setting.


    You can change the game speed setting when you are playing the AI on a ladder map, but you cannot change it on the ladder and Blizzard limits the change in the campaign.

    Blizzard is still using game speed to increase difficulty.

    In the Brutal difficulty, not only do you face more stuff but you are forced to play at a faster speed.


    In WoL and HotS in the Casual Mode and the Normal Mode, Normal is the default speed setting, but you can change it to Slow or Slower.

    In the Hard and Brutal Modes speed is set to Fast and Faster respectively and you cannot change it.


    Now in LotV, in the Casual Mode Slower is out and you can only drop down to Slow speed.

    I'm 75 and cannot play effectively at the faster speed, which is why I don't ladder.

    I'm not entirely comfortable playing on normal speed and usually play at dead slow, 'slower'.

    I just don't have the reflexes that you young whipper snappers have.


    Which leads to the whole point of this post.

    Where in the map initialization is this speed restriction and how can I remove it?

    I think it can be done in the Editor (which makes it legal) but I don’t know how to use the Editor nor do I know Galaxy Scripting.


    I got Ladik's MPQ Editor way back in 2010 but have forgotten how to use it.

    I think it is the best way to go so the fix is not map specific.

    I need someone to show me where it is and how to change it.


    Thanks in advance. Cliff

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