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    posted a message on Appy Custom Unit Status Frame?

    Tr toggling to Raw Mode (Ctrl+D) and write the layout/frame by hand. Given how small the box to input the custom unit status frame value is, i wouldnt be surprised if its being impacted by your DPI

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    posted a message on New to the UI editor. I have a few questions.

    There is a set player race trigger.  Fade out before you transition, because it aint smooth at all.


    With layouts using the ui editor, you can instance a command card besides the one used by default. then with triggers you can hook it to a unit group and it will always use that unit group. thats enssentially how the coop top bar and the spear of adun is done


    you can create a brand new frmae of layouts of type unitstatus bar which will be hooked to a unit and will track its vitals.


    no idea about announcers.



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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 Lore/Story (questions)

    Dont forget that galaxies are this insanely large things. The are probably millions and millions of star systems within the milky way alone.  Everything ion the SC lore happens within a small speck of the MW

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    posted a message on Are there any maps out there that use "Heroes", "Hero abilities", "Talent Profiles", "Talents" or "Talent Trees"?

    Most of those data types are just glorified UserData. There is notihng really special to them.

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    posted a message on SC2Mapster Classic Skin

    With the upgrade, many people have been dissatisfied with the new color scheme. For those I have decided to create a custom style for the website that aims to recreate the old look and feel of the site. You will need to install the Stylish extension available for both Firefox and Chrome, and then visit the site below and install the custom style.


    It is still a Work in Progress and I will keep updating it. Please let me know of bugs that you may find.



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