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    Well i guess ive been around IRC alot and im sure people dont really know much about me so ill fix that.

    My name is Dustin, call me by that or Bifuu doesnt matter, Im a student at a local tech school for Electrical Engineering Technology. I also work evenings for a Pizza place near here too (Little Ceasars). My goal as a future career is working with game development.

    My programming backgrounds are C# (XNA), C++ , C. Scripting are GML, unreal. I have have experience with 3 commercial game editors, Source, Unreal, and one made specifically for an older MMO (The 4th Coming, yeah its that old i had to re-write the tools from basic to C# for them).

    As for blizzard games, i got my start watching my dad play diablo, my job was to tell him when the red sphere was running out of red stuff so he could refill it in time haha. Then i moved on to playing myself (at the time i was like 9, so my mom disagreed completely). From there i was told about this other blizzard game from a friend at school called Starcraft (go figure my friend was Korean). So we played that for a good 4 years of UMS maps, from Cat n Mouse to Team Fortess CTF games, eventually leading me to making my own maps using good ole StarForge. 3 years later after a hiatus of blizzard games i found myself in azeroth in WoW (Yeah i skipped the Warcraft RTS's) all ill say about those 3 years was im sure you will recognize something on there >.<

    And here i am now, going to try my best at getting great with Galaxy and everything to do with SC2 mapping and modding, maybe this could lead me to goal!

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