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    posted a message on 18 free 2 use Space Ship models

    Thanks for uploading this, can be useful for my W.O.G. mod

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    posted a message on Tutorial Request

    Can someone help me??? Have a problem with editing model --- I changed protoss photon cannon to my own space turret, I used (space)Ordancetower.m3 model for it ((for death model I took (space)ordancetowerdeath.m3)), when I run the game, it was stuck in ground, so I changed Basic(UI)Offset: +5 after that all just fine, the model, build and places above the ground. but when I kill this unit, the object dies stuck in the ground :( I did not find any UIOffset for a death model....


    - help me with this to force death model be at the same level as basic model above the ground???


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    posted a message on [Trigger, AI] Basic InsaneAI Tutorial

    Thanks! Its useful, hope it will do my custom race AI be agressive and advanced...

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    posted a message on WAR OF GALAXY ( StarCraft 2 ) Alpha mod preview!

    Hello. Im really proud to present to you, a new hybrid stratedgy based on two games "Galactic Clash War of Galaxy" (Mobile app) and the "Starcraft 2" from Blizzard. It took a lot of time to make it work well, a lot of work still need to do. In beta version will be added several buildings and multiplayer, and it will be available for downloading. Now you can look on the concept as a whole and leave your angry comments :)


    I put here a link on a short video that displays game process and basic info about units, buildings and upgrades:





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