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    Hello! At my school we recently got informed that we’re going to make a big project about something related to the current subjects and we’re going to spend 100+ hours on this project to then present it to about 150people. And I figured that I could try making a big project in the Starcraft 2 engine/map editor, something like the Blizzard version of Starjeweled on the arcade https://19216801.onl/ . My current experience in programming and moding is very bad. I know some Java, but nothing useful really and the only moding I’ve done before is a map in Starcraft 2 were I had some triggers and changed some features on the units. But I’m very open to learning stuff as long as it’s not too all to difficult.

    So my question to any of you map editors out there is if I require any programming skills to make this? Is it something that I can get into relatively quickly or am I aiming to high?

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