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    posted a message on Version 1.4 layout files:

    THE Card Game is somewhat buggy right now. For example this does not do anything anymore.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <Frame type='MessageDisplay' name='GameUI/UIContainer/FullscreenUpperContainer/ChatDisplay' file='GameUI'>
                <Anchor side="Left" pos="Min" offset="50" relative="$parent"/>
                <Anchor side="Right" pos="Max" offset="50" relative="$this"/>
                <Anchor side="Bottom" relative="$parent" pos="Max" offset="-425"/>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <Frame type='MessageDisplay' name='GameUI/UIContainer/FullscreenUpperContainer/ChatBar' file='GameUI'>
                <Anchor side="Left" pos="Min" offset="50" relative="$parent"/>
                <Anchor side="Right" pos="Max" offset="50" relative="$this"/>
                <Anchor side="Bottom" relative="$parent" pos="Max" offset="-425"/>

    Edit: Reinstalling Starcraft 2.

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    posted a message on Patch 1.4.0 Is out ...

    Unit Stat window is broken inside Dialog. I need to do custom stat shower for units.

    Edit: SC2 Layout system worked well as alternative, however it caused quite bit extra work to fix the map.

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    posted a message on Banana Cheaters is Featured Map on US
    Quote from RodrigoAlves: Go

    Thank you zeldarules28 for sending me the e-mail. O.o

    This is surprising. As LaertesSC2 knows, I've been working on something social (debates?!!?), but not for Starcraft, and nothing anti-blizzard as he said lol. This plus the full-time university and homework is giving me barely no time for anything else. But Blizzard featuring Banana Cheaters is still surprising O.o

    For the first time here, I don't have much to say :P.

    Blizzard made quite sucker punch with recognizing you after all that quality time of bashing their popularity system for SCII.

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    posted a message on Are you a true sc2mapster? Find out here!
    Quote from TheAlmaity: Go

    16/20... lol. I think the master score should be 18-20, noob 0-6 or 7. It's too easy to get a good rank :p

    Also, why no credits? :p

    EDIT: Tried a second time, got a more appropriate score: 42/20

    "Do not make false gods" - Bible.


    11/20 with first attempt. Also it Quiz is obviously made with Game Maker (such long loading time for even simple games).

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    posted a message on Reasons for leaving SC2 mapping

    How SCII Battle.net is handled already shows that mappers are too discouraged to keep mapping community going. Aka mostly those who gets at least one of their map played or are in some years long project what might not even finish to released state are staying mostly.

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    posted a message on THE Card Game - Alien Pathways

    Revolutional Arts "shovelware" Productions presents... THE Card Game - Alien Pathways. Now available in EU and later in US.

    What it is?

    You are commander with your own very kick (censored) Planetary Fortress. Your forces rush off the do the objective and where your Planetary Fortress is, there your forces spawn too (well duh, so far it will probably not be mobile Planetary Fortress anyways).

    When your forces destroy stuff like Spine Crawlers, defensive structure spawn at its place.

    Progressive difficulty. Even if you are not soloing the map and bring some allies, this map will challenge the team.

    Loot. Sometimes when enemy unit is killed, it drops loot. In sense of Minerals and Vespene gas. First clicker is the keeper.

    Massive battles. In SCII scale anyways.

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    posted a message on Blizzcon pet and "not announced" sc2 gift.

    They just could do something simple like re-skin Immortal to look like it's surface areas are made from gold.

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    posted a message on CRC - THE Card Game
    Quote from Monictor: Go


    Actually lack of deck building is upside, otherwise map's idea would be out of the window. It is card game made to fit RTS style gameplay instead TBS.

    Needing and wanting are two separate things. This map's idea is not to build more overpowered deck than your enemy instead using proper counters and more.

    Second, WCIII didn't have dialog system to do such cool looking cards what hog up space thanks to Blizzard's format of choice (DDS images). Other thing is that we barely have models etc compared to WCIII to do multiple pre-defined decks like that.

    These are bad ideas to have if you want to make your map as good as it can be. Just because SC2 is an RTS game does not mean the custom maps are better off being more of an RTS style. I know this personally, and you will probably see soon.

    Lack of deck-building is not an upside in a card game. In actual card games that is always half of the enjoyment of playing, otherwise you would just play board games.

    Scrap the cool looking cards. If they are taking up development time or otherwise negatively impacting gameplay (like not making it so players can build their own decks), then it's not worth it. Game developers nowadays need to learn that graphics and neat looking animations DON'T make a game.

    A while ago I liked your game for several days and figured out all the styles of play but got bored of it because it was always just the same thing.

    Not sure why you post false information, as Deck Building and able to choose between decks has been in map for quite while (Maybe more than six months, I have not exactly checked when I added ability to create decks).

    Then again, if you are playing SEA region version, you should be aware of that you should be playing in EU or USA realm if you want to play supported version of map what is not outdated more than six months probably.

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    posted a message on 1.4.0 patch notes
    Quote from ST4RKiLL3R: Go

    @Eiviyn: Go

    Banlists probably wont happen, because if they do, I'm sure Blizzard will be all over you for that. If they aren't against them, IMO it's fine - it would bring a bit more order to maps. Next big thing Blizzard needs to really nail down is the lobby/matchmaking system.

    - Naming our games
    - Password protecting them
    - Search list on battle.net
    - less strict rules for uploading maps (no religious material etc, tbh if the people who would be offended by this are playing it, well they're asking to be offended that's not our problem, the world doesn't revolve around them)

    edit: I just tested the handle thing offline, doesn't give a string for player 1 (which I was assuming would be Local Player). Does it just give you the player's character code or what o.O

    I'd upload a map to b.net and test it there but too much work.

    They could just put somewhere text what almost nobody pays attention to when installing the game etc, that they agree that custom maps can have anything what is not WWII related.

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    posted a message on My map popularity has been reset?

    Reading the first post entirely might help.

    Popularity system does not remove Bookmarks so it is clearly a bug.

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    posted a message on Net Costs/Gains of StarCraft II Modding
    Quote from Tolkfan: Go

    Should this include the prices of cracked 3DS Max and Photoshops that most modders use? :D

    Probably some of them, call them "student" editions. ;)

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    posted a message on Blizzard Presentation @ Gamescom

    They can take the route like some companies what provide advertisement for sites.

    You don't get paid until X days from reaching Y amount of profit. Giving them plenty of time to get reports if premium map violates their standards. If it does, basically everyone gets refund. This is of course for situations after map is accepted but author goes and ruins it later.

    Other solution after they approve premium map first time personally. After that when author uploads new version of the map. Community would need to approve it with voting (Thumbs up or down) to get map updated (of course it would be choice to go test new version to see if it is approval worthy).

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    posted a message on SC2Mapster = Popularity System

    Well, other thing is to get comment from clueless user who does not bother to even check the map first.


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    posted a message on Deck Wars
    Quote from Xaendark: Go

    @Clord: Go

    Hey Clord, First I have to say: It was your map which ispired me to make this map.

    And then, also no offense, but saying the only thing needed is to build a good deck, seems a bit narrow-minded to me. (Especially when you didn't already spent hours of playing the map, like I did with yours)

    I'm a "Magic the Gathering" fan, and found it always arousing have Rares (and now even MythicRares). But since there are only a few commons which are useful (well, some are a must have, like "Counterspell" for blue), I came to the conclusion that rarity may be fun for the collecting part, but for the actual game part it's more like a hindrance.

    And what I also always disliked was the limitation or even restriction (which makes sense in terms of MTG, where you're still allowed to play with outdated cards, which sometimes are just too powerful) of the number of cards you're allowed to put in your Deck.

    It would indeed be a bad idea in your map to have such a DeckEditor, since everyone just would use MineralFields, GasFields and some powerful rare Creatures.

    Even though my map also requires some luck to draw the right cards, I wouldn't compare it to yours. Especially since there will never be something like Co-Powers in my map.

    (Sorry for my english, it's not my native language)

    No problem really. I just wanted to check what kind of author you are. :)

    It is nice that you are not typical mapper and say that your map is different instead trying to claim how it is somehow upgraded version of other's map idea.

    Our maps definitely target to different kind of audience. For example my map is closer for everybody who likes to play card related game(s) and/or map(s). :)

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    posted a message on artificial intelligence

    @DirectorOfTheUED: Go

    2881 with using only my head.

    I don't really get what is so hard in that.

    To explain how I got it with using my head.

    67 * 43

    60 * 40 = 2400
    60 * 3 = 180

    Aka it becomes 2580.

    7 * 40 = 280
    7 * 3 = 21

    Aka it becomes 301.

    2580 + 301 = 2881.

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