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    my original map idea is an adventure map: 2 or more players selecting a hero each and playing out an adventure in a multiplayer setting (needless to say i quickly cut it down to a story only involving 2 players/heroes because of my low skill)

    .. right away my map project hit a road block..

    no players interested .. bad networking .. etc ..

    Simply because i wanted the story to unfold .. it required 2 players and did not work without a second one..

    .. so i tried to add triggers to simulate a player (but we do agree that it is all fake.. we don't make it "think" we just add things for the engine to do :D that would eventually "suitably" replace a player)

    when i started trying to do that i failed miserably :D

    So, for now, i'm making map bosses to understand stuff and how i can develop a way to simulate a player for my map specifically (as you pointed out earlier :) ) .. a way to make my story unfold when someone plays it alone and make it possible to involve more heroes that would be "active" in my story even if there are no players to "play" them.

    .. a way that is "fair" as i believe is required (right now as i said earlier, if i do make the engine execute orders for a hero to compete with a player, the player will always lose)

    Sorry if i'm off topic :/

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    posted a message on Help Merging Dependencies with Map File


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    posted a message on Looking for a video maker

    i'm interested, not sure i can capture ingame play online this week though :/

    if my mac can handle it id be delighted or if you already have footage to just edit it to your needs that would be even better to start out with...


    Disclaimer: i can't get you people to play it.. (to get said footage and make a video) that's all on you though :)

    Disclaimer: a prez yes .. mmm a tutorial no (i'm actually swamped, and not even sure i could make a good tutorial for anyone honest!).. a highlite featuring all aspects of your game that s fun quick and durtee (qui TE plait) that seems do able!


    i"m quite busy but since my mac is not used to "work" it could be used to render (that s the only shitty/problematic part in making a video)

    fcrance on skype, hit me up and we'll set a date

    pas en français dans le texte mais bon c pour pas faire jazer


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    posted a message on How can I change the maximum number of harvesters from 3 to 5 for example.

    <3 read thank you

    u super u

    u eveil u

    may i say you should have your own mapster front page highlite? or is that subversion?

    like if it was on today then it would link to this thread .. i'd call such a thread link/highlite

    solved in seconds by superevil

    or something :D

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    posted a message on Making custom Hero AI in MOBA

    The real roadblock for me is that most stuff i come up with (via triggers or rarely data) seem to take me further...

    For instance "make the map boss" go look for the player's assets/hero whatever.. make it attack it when the hero is not there .. or making map bosses hide/survive.. etc/ sort of ideas i started on that led me to other ideas .. never allowing for enough testing because you want to see the next stage right away or the "new" idea you got from your previous idea/work/result is parasiting every other thought process...

    For instance, i used the brood war weapon behavior etc to make a Legion death squad .. and boy am i having fun / hardship to work to test/adjust its power

    (just changing range/life time / broodling to a tosh ..)

    i mean .. just using the blizzard stuff ready made worked beyond anything i thought possible in such a short time of "r&d" invested on it (once you have sort of figured out all data related to the whole shabang) .. and that produced so many ideas coming out of just a lil experimentation.. "more ideas coming out than results" if that makes any sense?

    <3 (testament to the quality/quantity of assets present in "default" blizzard assets)!

    Furthermore i can't seem to get these ideas to be of any other difficulty level than lethal for "beginner" players discovering my maps.

    Everyone i play with .. seems to require incremental tutoring into how the game works (how to use the hero/kite / run/ring around the rosie / etc)

    and seem to expect to get this in under 5 minutes (counting the load screen time kappa )

    While i don't mind, (you called it "running", hope i get there once at least :D ) i could change my ideas to "support" that sort of requirement .. i don't see doing so as only/purely something that would be good for the map/game/product i wish to do.

    Of course you can have weaker map bosses do the trick .. then send the real lethal ones .. but again that just seems like fluff i don't want.

    Once you start beyond the "default" "melee" ai (which is huge already) .. i feel you are consciously or not planning or even "doomed" to end up making a hard game.

    i like hard games, maybe that s the problem :D

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    posted a message on Best computer/rig to buy/build to use galaxy (for a movie)

    i got i5 6600 3,5

    nvdia 1060 msi

    480g ssd trion 150 (lol already on 392/446 lololol)


    asus mother

    enermax pro powersupply


    coolermaster fan


    hf thank you, and if you wish to post other "info" about the op subject ..please feel free .. nothing is ever lost/useless


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    posted a message on Editor Crashes

    sorry.. ignore me :/


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    posted a message on Unable to publish unless using latest version of dependency

    Not to pile up or get you further "down" but dependencies are a marvelous adventure, nothing more...

    If you want to make your own adventure .. not an adventure through a dependency that you have no control over, then.. it is harder/longer but also what you want.

    sc2 main base depdcies / wrcrft3 or nova(s) .. same thing (i must add that rene deserves more praise than anyone to succeed as he has <3 and i still cant believe it works as well as it does (his work through blizz, not his work), for how i use them that is)

    i do it.. but mostly to see the models, the animations, .. to visit the library!

    in a perfect world / map i'll be doing what glorn said.. uploading every lil thing manually.. so that my map has it all and i no longer gasp AS MUCH before/after every blizz patch

    at one point i did my own mod .. and the "latest version mechanic" at the time made it impossible to publish the map (not kidding / no kappa).. it required for me to publish the mod/ re launch editor / open my map / it wouldn't find my mod / i d open it.. re establish the mod manually / publish .. and even that stopped working.. maybe it is better now but i'm never advising/doing that again ty

    dependencies = lot of work/investment for no apparent use!

    rant said.. let us see the other side of it:

    all we are doing on galaxy is using a library (many libraries/platform/etc yes), let us rejoice at the fact that it is patched (while crying our selves to sleep at night) it means it is not left to rot (it will be soon though / 5 years tops id say before it does) .. it has to be patched (insert asinine sarcasm here) that is the ONLY way the clueless devs of todays industry have found to keep "control" over their platform (lol)!

    good luck

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    posted a message on Artists wanted!



    well.. seeing at just how failed all my endeavors (for 5+ years) on mapster were.. i am "leaving"..

    hence, i will not see your posting in this thread.. ..posting here / pm-ing will yield NO result, .. sorry for giving up.

    a muppetStore show/stream has great potential but i'm not the one to do it .. fail

    a movie club on mapster? fail

    making fun sh it with galaxy with other people... fail

    a mapster "movie" series could have happened .. but not with me on it.. fail

    no friends .. fail

    [sighs] Quite a list, oh well no harm no foul.. me getting into / accepted on social forums (be it forums with people that use the same app as me) was a long shot anyway i guess... Now .. well, it is time to put my "try out", my "it could work" to rest.

    thank you for mapster


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    posted a message on CybrosX's Cover :D

    now watch wip .. watch me néné ..


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    posted a message on Editor Crashes

    try bootcamp app on mac .. think u can get it for free.. not sure but i think u don't even need to install anything sc2 related (if it works) (still need a windows though, get it somehow :/ )

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    posted a message on CybrosX's Cover :D

    got to keep working at it.. was not my cup of tea at all but in general i'd say you could get good at it yes

    worst about singing? = re learning to breath :D

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    posted a message on Looking for a Inventory System

    if u are crafty/nifty (which i am not or at least i never tried) you can "rename" the old links and still get "content" apparently

    however the patches did change stuff and they might be outdated :D


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    posted a message on Best computer/rig to buy/build to use galaxy (for a movie)

    Thanks for answers <3

    zuPloed nice link : http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/04/06/building-a-4th-generation-rts <3 very fun read <3

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