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    Video: What is Bloodbath, and How To Play:

    Video: SC2 Professional qxc Plays Bloodbath:

    Bloodbath is a new type of Starcraft 2 micro game: A card game structure with real-time combat phases, and full unit control. Cards provide you with units to engage in exciting warfare.

    The combat system rewards a tactical approach to micro and multitasking.

    Includes heroes!

    Check out www.SC2Bloodbath.com for videos, screenshots, game details, and developer updates.

    Support the development of Bloodbath for the Legacy of the Void Arcade:


    Demo Live Now:

    NA: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/264957

    EU: battlenet://starcraft/map/2/186221

    or search: "Bloodbath Demo"

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    Quote from Trieva: Go

    I won't accept any money and I'm happy to offer possible solutions to your problems.

    1. If you want your structures to stand out, there's a trigger action that let's you send actor messages to units like you would in data. One of them is "Halo Start" and another is "Set Tint Color". This is really quick and easy to do.

    2. I don't know about changing colour of terrain or lighting but a creative alternative is to use something like flag units (which is a unit that looks like a flag or a beacon). That way you can use trigger actions to create the flag wherever you like and remove them whenever you like. Again, this is really quick and easy because you just need to add a small function(s) or add a couple actions.

    Thanks for the reply, I am very grateful for your assistance!

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    Hello, I am developing a game called Bloodbath, and am about to release a new version. There are, however, a few triggers that I must create, of which I require assistance/guidance/direction from someone with more experience using the SC2 editor. I have them logically figured out but am unsure of the correct usage of things like actors/lighting to facilitate the design.

    There are 2 things, both based on lighting, that I have been unable to determine how to solve. If interested, you are welcome to assist with other elements of the project, or add whatever accentuates the game experience.

    The next revision will be released in 2 weeks, so I am looking for help within the next 7 days.

    If you can solve these two problems I will give you $25:

    (Note that the timers are implemented: I need help with the lighting/colour-change.)

    1. I have structures on the map that are directly related to the game objective... I want them to light-up and/or change colour when damaged, until a certain timer runs out (the timer is already active at any time these structures can be damaged).

    2. I have terrain regions on the map that are directly related to the game objective... I want them to light-up and/or change colour when a certain timer ends, until another time runs out (the second timer is triggered by the conclusion of the first).

    Any help beyond that (consulting and/or implementation) I can pay $10 / hour.

    Here is a link to the old version of the project. Please note that a new version has not been uploaded to bnet for a year, and that many updates/improvements have been made relative to what you are currently able to access in the arcade. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/sc2-maps/451657-bloodbath-sc2-card-game-w-full-unit-control


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    Hello all, I am wondering how I can make a trigger such that a region becomes illuminated, or is given a colour overlay, similar to as I have shown in the images below.





    Any help is much appreciated.

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