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    Paint.Net is also free, but I do also have GIMP. That being said, I will keep your suggestion in mind. The HUD I have currently is mostly just a test, since it is actually my first time creating one. After watching and playing some of the Metal Gear games, I may have a few ideas on how to perfect it. My biggest issue for years now has been creating images without backgrounds, and I have come to understand that either GIMP or Paint.Net are the right programs for that.

    Another thing I am going to announce soon on this forum is the official theme song for the game. I love how they picked the theme for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. So, if any of you are interested in old rock songs from the 1960s, then I guess you wouldn't mind Jimi Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower".

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    Just a friendly reminder that this forum is still open for any discussions.

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    @Cacho56: Go

    Those new portraits you have are true art. They are exactly what anyone would expect out of a remake. I know that I already asked, and I'm not being impatient or anything, but how soon can this mod be ready?

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    And you shall be given credit. Anyone who wishes to offer any of their assets in support of this project shall be given credit.

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    While I've already borrowed your re-texture of the Spectre, as observed in the pictures, I find myself honored by your offer.

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    For those of you who have seen my other thread regarding another project, that one is currently on hold.

    Welcome to my new project under development. It is titled StarCraft: Raven. Please, do not confuse it as the Terran Ravens. This mod for StarCraft II will be created with a third person stealth engine and dynamics loosely similar to that of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This of course requires a huge series of triggers and variables. This is my first and only attempt. Below, you will see images that I hope you'll find satisfying.







    The Story

    Bear in mind that the story in this mod has no connections with the StarCraft series despite its name. To avoid contradiction, the main story will be set in the year 2481; and the characters and locations will be different. In the very top picture of this thread, the character model may look like a Spectre; but trust me when I say that he is not a Ghost or a Spectre.

    In the ancient times of humanity, there were three brothers born with a curse known as agelessness. For thousands of years, they had lived. Over time, they eventually form an organization of mercenaries and assassins and named it Dark Aquila. You play as one of the three brothers, codename Shadow Raven. After what seemed to have been a simple mission, Raven finds himself chasing a group called the Long Swords. He is sent on another mission, this time to kill them. During the hunt, Raven discovers a terrible secret that could one day shatter all of the Terran factions of the Koprulu Sector: a super weapon.


    The third person engine itself was originally made by "martinolsson", until a few modifications were made. It was a TPS engine that he offered for everyone to use as a resource in modding. After collecting the engine, a few modifications have been made going from a basic third person shooter to a third person stealth engine. Extra features are also added such as personal cloaking (with an energy indicator), using collected medkits, review mission objectives by holding the tab key, the existence of more than one weapon that can be selected, and target crosshairs that only appear while the player is aiming. What has also changed is the third person camera. Other than the character constantly facing the camera yaw while the camera itself is being rotated, the camera can be rotated around the character, as seen in one of the images above. The character will only face the camera yaw constantly if the player is aiming.

    The stealth engine will also involve the player preventing himself/herself from being detected. The enemy will detect you from a long enough distance, even fire their weapons at you at that range; but with the character cloaked, the enemy's range of detection is decreased. However, if you approach too close, you will be detected. In the event of being detected, the enemy will call for reinforcements, some of which you will be either outnumbered or outgunned.

    There will be cutscenes, most of which will be very long like the cutscenes in the Metal Gear Solid series. In that matter, they can sometimes be skipped by pressing the spacebar. There is also the ability to use a radio, which has a striking similarity to the Codec in Metal Gear Solid. In fact, tutorial tips can be repeated in using the radio.

    There are items or pickups, in which most of them will be in box, case, or crate form like in Metal Gear Solid. Some of these items cannot be picked up again if the following occurs with your character: full ammo, full quantity of medkits, and full energy.

    Unfortunately, there is no skybox to cover the black far clip. I know that there is a way to do that, but how to apply that to the cutscenes is beyond me.

    For now, I'm working solo. Once the project is complete, I may need a team for the following, since my resources are rather limited:



    -voice talents

    -special effects


    But not today. Not for a long time.

    You may see a team name under my username, but I do not really have a team. If one day there is a team, that will be the team name you see.

    Operation Nevermore


    StarCraft: Raven - Operation Nevermore will be the prologue part of the mod. Like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the prologue will be the first thing to be released before the completed project. It will mostly be a demonstration of what is being accomplished, and for others of the SC2Mapster community to observe the engine for themselves.

    I do not have a release date for StarCraft: Raven - Operation Nevermore, but such a date will appear and be updated onto this thread when the time is right. Also, when it is available for download, there will be a project link.


    June 11, 2014

    -Errol Bennet, father to one of the Families of Tarsonis, will be mentioned by cameo, though he will not be given a role in this mod.

    -The super weapon that you will hear about is similar to the Odin, which I've come to criticize as a "Terran Metal Gear". So, that will be the super weapon; but it will not be called Odin or Metal Gear, and it will appear to be much bigger and stronger than the Odin.

    -There will be a character reminiscent to the young Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

    -The Long Swords are similar to the Cobras from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and they will live up to a somewhat similar reputation.

    -The timeline takes place in the 2480s, which means the events are during the Guild Wars. After reading the book StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils, I learn that Jim Raynor joins the Confederate military in 2488 at the age of eighteen. So, if StarCraft: Raven takes place in 2481, Raynor himself will have been eleven years old.

    -There will be an organization of Umojans, but it will not be called the Umojan Protectorate.

    June 12, 2014

    It is being planned that the maps will be organized in a zip folder rather than having them downloaded one by one. Each map will be dependent on the other, for some of them are for both gaming and cinematic purposes; and as indicated in the very top picture, one of the maps will serve as the mod's main menu.

    This piece of music has been selected as the theme for the menu. Even though I have never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (but I do play Fallout and Metro 2033), I hear that this is where this theme derives from. You'll hear it on occasion.

    June 13, 2014

    I am preparing to design the intro cinematic for the overall project, possibly in a separate map file. For starters, as part of the intro cinematic, I am testing the implementation of the Personal Cloaking ability to a Battlecruiser (with Heart of the Swarm's Hyperion model).

    June 19, 2014

    Given the contents of this mod, I have decided to give it a rating.


    It is rated M for the contents of blood and gore, suggestive themes, and violence.

    July 26, 2014

    The mod will be powered by a launcher program. This will be better than going into the Galaxy Editor and pressing "Test Map" all the time. The launcher program is a software mod designed by Cacho56, one of the modders who are currently remaking StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War. This is the link to the software:


    Yes, this means that there will be no multiplayer in StarCraft: Raven.

    July 29, 2014

    There had been some talk about the HUD not satisfying some modders, while I admit without hesitation that it is rather choppy. After StarCraft: Raven - Operation Nevermore is released, still at an unknown date, updates will be posted regarding the HUD. I may not have Adobe Photoshop nor have the luxury to use it, but I will attempt to do this on Paint.Net for whenever I can. Such updates will also be part of the final product of StarCraft: Raven.

    August 4, 2014

    The theme song for this mod has been chosen. The song is "All Along the Watchtower", by Jimi Hendrix. It will appear in the title video of the finalized StarCraft: Raven, which will still be awhile.

    Meanwhile, I did say that I would modify the HUD display after the release of StarCraft: Raven - Operation Nevermore; but as of today, I have decided to do that now. It will be loosely inspired by the HUD displays from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

    September 27, 2014

    As promised, I have updated the HUD display. Newly improved and with more style.



    December 10, 2014

    I'm sorry it has been long, but there are some technical difficulties within this project; and I can't seem to figure it out. Help and support has become rather limited on the matter. Therefore, this project is being put on hold for whenever the problem is solved. The following link should give you some details.


    December 13, 2014

    I did say that this project is on hold; but for those who are anxious, I am not saying that it's canceled. It is still in the making.

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you wish to help me in boosting progress with this project, you can start with giving me occasional feedback regarding Blizzard and the save/load cursor glitch. We all want the same thing: to see this mod being complete.

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    I'm really getting sick and tired of this. Every time I find a screen capture recording application that is completely free, it has problems; and every time I get such software, it's always a trial version of some kind thus time limited.

    Is there at least one screen capture software that has the following?

    -no trial

    -no shareware

    -no time limit

    -has good quality and fps, and no slowness or blurs

    -flawless and completely without cost

    I want to create a trailer for my project, but lacking all of this is not helping me.

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    Just bring the camera in closer to the video and there's your fullscreen. Anyway, I'm having problems with the speed of the video. The video is running slow, and last few minutes is cut off because of it.

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    I'm having a problem. Do you know how a Ghost can be cloaked and decloaked, but Nova stays cloaked because hers is different? Well, I've been trying to give her a cloak/decloak ability by giving her the Ghost Cloak ability; but every time I use it, she does not appear to be cloaked at all. She didn't go invisible. In fact, I even tested it by pressing the cloak button and moving her to an enemy unit. The enemy still saw her; therefore, she didn't cloak. Are there any actors or behaviors I should know about? Because...I can tell you that the cloaking is not an animation for a unit model.

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    I'm glad that this TPS engine is used as a modders' resource. I made some modifications to it in the style of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Well, some of the features anyway.

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    @Tomura: Go

    Okay. This is the current TPS engine that I have: http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/development/triggers/7277-third-person-shooter-tps-engine-download-if-you-need/. In case you ask, the creator of this mod allows everyone to use and edit it. I just need to know what triggers to use. I'm not sure I understand ticks, perhaps you can clarify. What's a helper unit? And assuming that I understand you, the trick with the camera involves two different units: one invisible while the other is visible?

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    Does anyone know who made that map so that I can contact him?

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    @JacktheArcher: Go

    Actually, it's the trick with the TPS camera that I'm interested in. There does not seem to be any tutorials that support it. Getting the player to show in the left side of the camera instead of in the center is a bit tricky and is probably made up of a completely different set of triggers. Any suggestions? Any instructions?

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    Can this map be downloaded?

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    @willuwontu: Go

    Which offset are we talking about. I'm using the camera settings through triggers, and I don't know which one moves the camera from the left side of the screen to the right.

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