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    I encountered a problem with my onslaught type map. I have captureable towers (which is done with triggers). I want these to link up (if you played UT you know what i mean), and it is done currently with an aura, that gives nearby powernodes (unit type validator) a healerr effect gives energy to the power nodes(or towers i tend to switch them up :) ). I have set it up that its autocast ability->search area->create healer. Currently it applies the create healer all targets, but the beam just to one. Currently the beam is set to Ability.TargetChannel.Start -> Create and .Stop->Destroy.

    I want to modify this to give out a buff which adds a weapon to the towers (which I can do), and the beams to go every nearby tower that the buff has. Currently I have given the power nodes a beam weapon based on ProsaicMuses tutorial (the lancer one), and I want this buff-weapon to give the power nodes. How would I do that?

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    I'm Daemon (id: 914) a ready, willing, and able map tester! (EU region.) /t me if you need testers :)

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    @zeldarules28: Go


    Here is the basic setup. When you capture a node it activates, and It connects to the nearest node that you control. Capturing a node if ofc standing next to it unti its yours. I'll try to make it similar to capturing a TV tower in the Media Blitz campaign mission. The objective is to make a line from your base to the enemys. Heres one: Base->Top center->2nd line left->3rd line center->4thline right->bottom center->EnemyBase.

    What I'm goning to implement is to multiply the damage to the enemy base fortress by the number of power line connections made. (basicly the more beams you have the stronger they are.)

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    [Please dont steal! If you want to join this project contact me :)]

    Here is what I am working on:

    Maps working title is The Onslaught of Agria. Its core mechanic is the onslaught mode from unreal tournament: capture power nodes from the node network (which is layed out in a 1-2-3-2-1 order). If your power grid reaches the enemys base you can attack the enemys planetary fortress. The first team to destroy the enemy's fortress wins. Each player controlls one unit (Marine/Ghost/Marauder) which each its pros and cons. For example: Ghost can call in nukes, has relativeliy high firepower, but low health. Marine uses energy for grenades, not rechargeble items like everyone else, but is also kinda average (balancing is not my highest priority right now :P) Each of the bases will also send out units Dota-style to attack the enemies base, and weaken its defenses.

    Though players do not controll buildings directly, they can upgrade their base by talking with Foreman SCVs. This will trigger new buildings to be built:

    • Base defenses level one: bunkers
    • Base defenses level two: bunkers, missle turrets
    • Base defenses level three: Missle turret upgrade, siege tanks
    • Production buildings/Addons: these buildings unlock new units to the attackers. For example you start out with Marines only, adding a Techlab enables Marauders to be built.
    • Upgrading buildings: these enable upgrades for the base (Missle Turret AoE damage), the players (Ghost Cloak), and the attacking unit (Combat shield)
    • Special buildings: Nuke Silo, Armory (players can restock their grenades, new armor etc).

    Players also can controll where to send the attacking NPCs with a simple command structure from the command card:

    Send units to Attack:->Select how many squads of units(1-3)->Select target: Eastern cliff powernode;Central Powernode;Northern Dam. This send out units with the Attack Move command to the target waypoint. Since you can send them to your own captured nodes, you can use this to summon extra defenders.

    Additonal features:

    • Dinamic quest objectives -> example: When players killed enough pirate creeps, a boss comes out, each team is given the objective to kill this unit. Teams can summon and artillery unit (it unlocks CallDown: Artillery Strikes), that must be defended while it goes to his final position on the map. When its summoned the enemy team gets a bonus mission to take it out.
    • Driveable vehicles -> hellion buggy, viking mech (upgradeable to flying mode). Marines can also drive/pilot heavy vehicles like siege tank, banshee heavy bomber.
    • Team shared resources: bonusmissions, kills, captured mines, all grant minerals that goes to the shared mineral pool, from which players can purchase stuff.
    • Epic story: play and witness the civil war between the colonists of Agria, in this 2 year old conflict! Nobody knows how it started just how bloody it is. Join the Favorers of Red or the Followers of Blue, and end it!

    Current level of readyness: the map is nearly done :)

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