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    The harbinger reminds me of the collector from Mass Effect 2.

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    I'm not sure if I'm breaking forum etiquette by making a request/solicitation for models, so... Since Starcraft 2's models seem "cartoony" compared to the models that formed the basis of the 2D sprites in Starcraft/Brood War, I think 3D models of the pre-alpha zerg/nightmarish invaders might fit into the current game. Here is a link of reference pictures: http://sclegacy.com/art/34-general/270-starcraft-evolution

    I've been able to mimic the two large units by using the hydralisk den and ultralisk cavern.

    I understand how challenging it is to recreate 3D models of the Brood War terran and protoss ships and buildings, let alone zerg and critters.

    I hope someone will attempt this. Thank you!

    P.S. The pre-alpha protoss carrier would be nice, too!

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