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    posted a message on Rotating units for amazing visual affects

    I was bored one day and decided to screw around in the editor when I came up with an amazing idea. I decided to create a single spine crawler unit and rotated it to 0. Then I created another one and added 5 to each rotation until i created units with different rotations up to 360. When I did this I combined them all together onto one spot and saw the result, it was amazing what I saw. I only found 9 units that could be created this way for amazing visuals. All 9 pictures are below!

    Spine CrawlerUltralisk Void RayColossus ArchonHigh Templar MothershipOracle Swarm Host

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    posted a message on Making Marines follow another Marine as in a group

    I'm trying to figure out how to make an ability, or behavior to make it so that one marine is followed by 3-4 other marines, or other units. I want them to be able to shoot different targets besides the main unit. If you need to know what i'm talking about more, look up Halo Wars marines. That's what i'm kinda looking for. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Monthly(ish) Triggering Exercise- Beta Key Editon

    I am working on one of my maps now and I might be submitting 2 maps. I cant choose between the two and thought that It would be a good idea to post both! They will be up on the 18th Hopefully.

    The First map That I am submitting was a test map that I was using for future maps, What I did is make it so that a bank saves the entire base that you make as the game goes along. It is only half complete.

    Alpha Squad Map is actually a mission that I was messing around with and it turned out pretty good.

    P.S. My computer cant handle Ultra settings so the map looks a little better

    - Austin

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    posted a message on Triggers That save every unit on field

    I made a map that saves your base every 15 seconds. It saves up to unlimited amounts of units. This idea came to me from play Backyard Monsters game on Facebook. If anyone could take this idea, and change it into a multiplayer 14 player game, that would be amazing. I do not have time on my hands to do that, but some of you out there may. This is just a suggestion with the tools in front of you. - Austin

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