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    posted a message on [Model/Map Showcase] Daara's WoW Models

    Okay awesome this really helped i think i got the textures right and they show up and all
    now for the Show Hair Texture
    do i add it to the same mesh assuming that its another SC2Standard Material
    or is it just another alpha channel im supposed to add?

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    posted a message on [Model/Map Showcase] Daara's WoW Models

    Hey perfect ive made sure to make those changes and added a few more animations
    Im trying to figure out the Hiding and Showing Meshes i have the Textures made and materials set up in 3ds Max
    I was just wondering do you individually select the items in the 3ds max view and apply the texture
    or is there some list you are able to use?
    right now im working on the Male Dwarf
    Also are the changes visible in 3ds max?
    perhaps ive done something wrong the textures dont show up. just white appears when i apply the material

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    posted a message on [Model/Map Showcase] Daara's WoW Models

    Hey Daara hows it going.
    I have created a list of animations from what you gave me there are a few i was unsure of so ill post it here.
    I made a Java Robot that clicks the checkboxes and renames all the animations
    so now it only takes about 1 or 2 minutes to change all the animations
    Needless to say i thought it would be useful in the long run for creating all the races
    Ive Uploaded a Comma Seperated List Can you look at it and see if im missing anything?
    The Values on the Left are the Static Animation Names and the Values on the Right are the Renames

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    posted a message on [Model/Map Showcase] Daara's WoW Models

    Im gonna try and do the Dwarf Male i just had one question
    do you have Startools and nin/leruster script working together?
    i keep getting a position error its weird

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    posted a message on I need help !! Creating a map for university project!

    If you design everything all your heroes are supposed to have and write it all down it shouldn't take to long to finish.
    The hardest part by far is becoming familiar with the editor but once you get the hang of it everything is pretty easy to complete.
    But because it is tricky you will need the documentation to make the process less painful.

    And really when you think of it Starcraft 2 is a great system to build games or concepts from for university courses.
    Most my professors are interested in it when it comes to game design or prototyping.

    Also Welcome to SC2Mapsters

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    posted a message on [Model/Map Showcase] Daara's WoW Models

    Hey if you explained the process a little and what you named the animations i would be more then willing to attempt a race or two.
    Depending on how its set up i would love to see all the races from WoW converted

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    posted a message on Apply Behavior as Effect to Target?

    Okay some im gonna try and take a stab at this lol im not sure quite what your asking.
    What is the Modify Unit Effect Supposed to accomplish?
    Im assuming that your trying to use a Modify Unit Effect to give a boost or something when an item is clicked?
    For the Runes i would just make it when clicked use a Set Effect that Applies both an Apply Behavior and Modify Unit Effect.

    And how does the same question relate to Tree's Respawning?
    Are they killed when depleted?
    Im assuming that they never actually die that there death Time is set to -1
    If you want your trees to automatically grow back over time i would create a Behavior on the Tree that uses a Damage Response +
    So that if the tree takes Fatal Damage it applies a Modify Unit Effect with the Revive Flag Set.
    However this create the Tree Instantly back
    In my Map i made the Damage Response + Use a Set Effect that revived the tree and added a behavior for 200 Seconds.
    Then in the Tree Actor i made it on revive scale down to 0.1 of its size and then set another Event to Scale it up to 1.00 over 200 Seconds

    Hopefully this will be of some help to you.

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    posted a message on [Solved] Effect on kill

    On your Spells that hit the Target if it applies a Buff to the Unit
    Perhaps you can Put in the Damage Response Section A Search Area Effect Looking for the Caster
    That Removes the Stacked Buff?

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    posted a message on Carrier Interceptor Launch while moving

    Probably has something to do with this Weapon Try Disabling the Flags Below and see if that fixes it?
    Carrier - Interceptor Launch
    Weapon: Only Fire While Attacking: Enabled
    Weapon: Only Fire At Attack Target: Enabled

    If not perhaps those flags combined with changing
    Weapon: Allowed Movement: Slowing

    Otherwise it might be the Create Persistent Effect thats stopping the unit try changing this flag?
    Carrier - Interceptors (Create Persistent)
    Flags +
    Effect: Channeled: Enabled

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    posted a message on Counter Clockwise Boolean

    Ya i do believe that Counter Clockwise Boolean is not quite what your thinking of.
    A Boolean is only True/False
    Depending on how you want it set up I would use a Switch Statement.

    Switch (Integer Variable)
    Case (1): DawnTime - Set Integer Variable == 2
    Case (2): DayTime - Set Integer Variable == 3
    Case (3): NightTime - Set Integer Variable == 4
    Case (4): IsHumid - Set Integer Variable == 5
    Case (5) IsChristmas - Set Integer Variable == 1

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    posted a message on [solved] Two buffs disabling each other
    Quote from b0ne123: Go

    except the duration stops while a buff is disabled. This causes them to last much longer than expected.

    If you want your Buff to Count down Well Disabled Check if Enabling this Flag Helps
    Buff Flag:
    Update Duration Well Disabled

    Not sure if that will help or not

    EDIT: Tested and it Seems to Work if i Understand What your Trying to Do Correctly

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    posted a message on Armor Formula (solved)

    I realize this says that its solved but what do the values actually change?
    I set those values and its working good but what is that formula actually doing?

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    posted a message on TPS Mod ?

    Hello and Welcome to SC2Mapsters,

    Perhaps this is a good start?

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    posted a message on Add Weapon To Hero- It's Disabled?

    Did you make sure you put your weapon you want to use in the behavior under
    Index | Turret | Weapon
    0 | (none)| Sword

    Weapon Disabled
    Hands (Weapon you dont want to use)

    Weapon Enabled
    Sword (Your Weapon)

    Or else there is probably a requirement disabling it ?

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    posted a message on Refinery Add-ons

    I feel like there may be many reasons this does not work
    Check if there are any filters on the Addon that would cause it not to be built
    Perhaps Requirements are keeping it from attaching?
    do you get the placement screen but it wont build in the location?

    Perhaps more details are required?

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