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    Hey all!

    I'm a 3D artist and am capable of doing Animations and UVW maps too.

    I suck at coming up with creative things, so concepts are out of question. I Thought about unit designs, such as Builder units and how buildings in the progress of being built look like, but i can't seem to come up with something concrete.

    However i'd love to contribute to this project.. IF! it gets it's own solo campaign.

    Therefore alot more units than stated would be needed. Give me the concepts and i'll gladly turn them into 3d Models with animations(As far as i'm able to.)

    I Am using 3d studio max 2011 with a student license, so commercial is out of the question - anything else -> i'd love to help. License runs out in 2 years, so there's a lot of time to work on this project!

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