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    I would post this in the Map Feedback forum, as it it is more suited for getting map testers and receiving player opinions than the Project Workplace forum.


    Additionally, as this appears to be a sufficiently completed map, you can submit a request for the map to be featured in the monthly testing thread.

     Alright ! I wondered what were differences between both because at first sight, the game mode got their internal tests. But I will create a new thread there when a new update will be applied. Thank you for the hint.
    Quote from fishy77 >>
    This is a good Plan ^. My first impression of it is Wow! Great UI, you've really put some work into this. I would have to play it to be sure, but from the amount of info here, I'm afraid it'll be too complicated for the Arcade which will limit your playerbase, as players are extremely impatient when trying new games if there is too much going on. I would have to actually play it to find that out though.
     You're right however the SC2 Editor has constraints. Initially, banks were to be loaded while the game is launching but the thread responsible to load them takes a moment that the StarCraft engine cannot handle. So it cuts off the trigger and players jump in the broken game. That was a hard decision.
     Ah, you posted it just as the whole mapster update thing happened, and with all attention to that and latest posts box disappearing it really looks like nobody noticed (at least I know I didn't) :/
    This looks lovely tho, I'll be sure to give it a try sometime next year, as soon as I fix my hardware issues.
    Have a happy 2017!
     Bad timing, I guess ? Happy new year 2017. Hope everybody will get their bundle of good things. :)

    Ok, I've played it. Then I tried to play it with a friend but after loading we got stuck looking at doodads on black background forever.




    Overall I like the level design. feels like a well thought out stage out of a game of this genre.


    I'm yet to beat Stage 1 boss, furthest I got was 1 cannon remaining, so I imagine some evening I'll try it again.

     We happen to discover an important issue which sticks the player 2's bank at loading. To get around this problem, delete the bank in your StarCraft II documents. But, we'll try to fix this quickly, this is an annoying problem. We can't let players to lose their datas... .
    About controls, they'll be improved as we go along game mode updates. The mouse will get the ability to be configured as well.
    About in-game performances, a few threads are active while playing and keyboard controls of a player must be checked at each input. This conceives to overload online network between you - the client - and the server and other players. This increases the latency. As input number is high, request-response periods with the server is high. This is the main issue when those control events (Keyboard & Mouse usage events) are used.
    Playing with the mouse is more sensed by the server whereas the keyboard significantly increases the number of input by a player.
    A note about wiggling the mouse for the ship's movement : If you are inactive, triggers detect it and make your ship hold the position. That's the purpose but the decision is not definitive, if you have some arguments to deploy, then we may reconsider it.
    You proposed a noticable idea, players who can't handle all the scenaries could flee the game. A default medium computer's configuration is at least requested to play in a fluid way. We might implement in the future a togglable option for hiding some scenaries (I already know that my colleague won't appreciate that idea but I'll try to convince him ;) ).
    Same thing with Easy difficulty, we already planned to decrease some current options, however, instead of keeping weapon power levels at death, we'll make the player starts with the first level of each weapon, except missiles. In fact, we planned to drop more items at key points of stages and as a bonus at case of death streak.
    Thank you for playing, we hope that was a pleasant experience !
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    Oww :( Nobody is intereted in this or you don't find it or something else ?


    We just need some impressions at reading this or some game opinions.

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    Hello everyone,


    I'm new here. I was looking for a good place to talk about SC2 projects and it was obvious that sc2mapster is the best choice, in particular not European only contents and people.


    This project has been published on each SC2 server and is now available for playing. You can find it by researching "Prime Hunter" (The title is in upper-case).





    Authors : Phosphatidylinositol && Ecko (See credits)

    Category : Other

    Genre : Shoot Them Up

    Players : 1 or 2 players


    You are a mercenary from a refugee space base. While you are recruting volunteers for a risky mission, a Terran armada devours the whole gigantic structure in a minute. You get to your ship after leaving all panicky people surrounding you. The Liberty IV is falling to this unknown terran faction. You wonder what's the purpose of all this sudden aggression but there's no time to cogitate.


    Here begins the first level of this game mode.




    You'll get to the main menu when the game started. Default controls are set for the first time you launched it, then your bank will save them.

    In Options submenu, you can set the Difficulty (Easy and Medium currently only available), the number of Credits (Max 3) and Lifes (Max 4) and you can configure your buttons for the game (Yay) ! Please refer to the right image just above to see how to play with the mouse.

    In Bonus submenu, you can see your highscores, your stats, your achievements (currently in progress), your unlocked musics (because of custom musics), and credits to people that deserve a mention.

    In Quit submenu, you can return to the standard StarCraft II game.


    Important note :

    If 2 players are playing and if the menu controller is inactive, (s)he will lost it after 10 seconds and it will be granted to the other.

    While configuring your buttons, if the menu controller is AFK, the other one can type "-afk".

    A message will appear on the bottom screen for respectively 3 and 5 seconds.



    If you go in Start submenu, you will be able in the near future to choose the Game Mode. But only Classic can be played at the moment.

    When confirmed, player banks will load each first time you go in the Arsenal.


    Important note :

    You can not use the mouse for navigating in menus (This should be tough for some triggers) !




    In the Arsenal, you will be able to upgrade your fighter. Currently, only the fighter "Griffin" can be played. Next coming in updates.

    Starport : Choose your weapons.

    Factory : Purchase upgrades with Experience Points (XP) that you earn at the mission's end.Black Market : Same as Factory but these upgrades are harder to buy because they can be obtained thank to Prime Stars (SP) money that involves to get kill streaks or to completely eliminate an enemy wave to earn more SP.

    Codex : Currently in progress, this gives you information about enemies encountered while playing. A feature that permits you to see the unit will be implemented in a next update.




    Face numerous enemies in order to survive and to quit this space base. Like a classic Shoot Them Up, you fire, you kill, you dodge or you die.

    Weapons can be enhanced thank to items picked up while playing. They give 1 power level for the respective weapon.


    Imporant note :

    If you die, all augmented weapons return to level 1 !


    Here are the Griffin abilities :

    - Weapon A : Straight Missiles - Cone - Classic missiles that deal some damages.

    - Weapon B : Burning Blue Laser - Linear - Classic laser that deal weak damages but strong damages against Terran units.

    - Weapon C : Circular Blades - Circle - Low speed projectiles which turn around your ship. They inflict medium to large damages. Zerg units hate these sharp-edged blades.

    - Weapon D : Photonic Cannon - Linear - Multiple energy balls are launched in front of your ship. Up to 4 balls (1 for each level) ... that's what Protoss units fear of.

    - Weapon E : Extra Cruiser Missiles - Not enhancable. 2 hazardous missiles fired from both sides of the ship. They deal big damages.

    - Armor : Titanium Plates - Standard armor. Upgrade it to decrease damages received.

    - Miscellaneous : Dual Core - Standard core. Remain ship's stability. Upgrade it to boost health points.

    - Burst weapon : Blast Burst - Fill the bar at the bottom of your screen (User Interface) and release the button. This fires a large energy ball that deals large damages. However, be advised that you can not use other weapons while charging the burst weapon.

    - Special Ability : Movement Speed - Increase or decrease your speed. Useful while playing with the keyboard. Maximize it with the mouse.

    - Special Weapon : Blast Bomb - Clear screen. A bomb that destroy mostly projectiles. Some can resist. Deal terrible terrible damages.


    Important note :

    Getting weapon E missiles, refilling your special weapon or repairing your ship can only be done by collecting related items.


    A sentence about the level :

    A level contains 2 parts with a Mid-Boss and a Boss. Some random statements (not behaviors yet) have been included.




    This is the screen that summarize your session statistics. You can only earn XP and SP when the intermission is reached !

    If you kill the boss' level, you'll get on this screen that can allow you to continue (but not in this version), to return in the Arsenal (if you lost all your lifes), to restart the level (if the game is over) or to quit and return to the main menu.



    Next level is already on the way and more weapons will be available.

    A new fighter will join the combat and will introduce an other gameplay !

    We planned to add some more stuffs, we'll reveal them when they're ready.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to give a date for the next game mode update.



    French forum :


    Feel free to say "hello" or to send a feedback here  :



    Note : We authors are french, you may see some french in our paragraphs submitted to public, especially social networks. This is a communication's necessity to everyone.






    Thank you for playing and we are eager to read your feedbacks and your comments !


    PS : Foril is an old nickname ! You can find me as Phosphatidyl(-inositol) or in StarCraft 2 as Wyorcgzor.


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