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    9. How do you set the unit state specific to ONE PLAYER? I'm setting it so that while mouse-camera-rotation is on, the player's unit is unselectable, that way it doesnt look weird since the unit is always centered on the screen, as is the mouse in camera rotation. However other players need to still be able to select the unit even while the unit's player is using mouse-camera rotation

    10. How do I see the cameras in the editor? I have them all set to "yes" under Visible, but theyre still not showin up.. (the triggers work fine though)

    10. Make sure your view isnt set to Lock Game View Settings.

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    Wc3 golden era of maps!

    Ah.. yes.. the ""Dota"" era.. =P

    Funny for me it started because I wanted to make a Dota clone (which I did for wc3), but quickly got over it 'cause it didnt feel original. Considering how I spent whole months in mapmaking back then, the editor had became simple to me O_o. That said, I stopped mapmaking then for 2 years. Then SC2 comes out with an even better editor.... talk about rekindling an old flame =P

    And now here I am doing SC2 maps.

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    What's the Lightning Projector thing? Seems to be using the Psi Disruptor model attached to...something. It looks pretty cool.

    if you've played The Lost Viking arcade in the campaign's Cantina, it is used by last boss, the Terra-tron. Other than that I don't think it has appeared in standard melee maps or other parts of the campaign.

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    go to View. Tick Show Advanced Values if you havent already did.

    Hope that fixes it?

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    So essentially what you guys are saying is that I need to create a global variable to keep this from happening?

    What exactly are local variables used for, if they're used for anything at all? Is it constrained inside of the trigger only? The reason I'm confused is because if the trigger runs more than once, it shouldn't fire because the variable is already set to true.. so you're saying each fire is just a separate instance of the trigger?

    I'm sure the global variable idea will work.. I just didn't want to create 5-6 global variables per player in the game, so I'll try the array idea you suggested. It may have to wait until tomorrow, due to the time of evening.

    like my post said on your other thread (that was locked). Local Variables exists only in that one trigger instance. you definitely need a Global Variable. Arrays help with that =P

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    are you sure its the correct "downloaded" map from bnet? howd u open the file?

    the file you published is still openable. Its just that the map file directly downloaded from bnet wont be available for edit.

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    4.I know a long time ago I saw a map that had WASD (and Q/E) movement and left/right mouse camera controls identical to World of Warcraft's setup, and as soon as I post this I'm going to search for it again, but if anyone knows which map I'm talking about (or knows of another one with that), please post a link!

    try search Starcraft Universe. that one made a big commotion on the internet.

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    I'm having an issue with adding kill rewards in a defense map. The kills you get scale into the thousands, and you can kill anywhere up to 6 units in under a second's time, so I need a variable to block the trigger from running more than once when fired. I have created such a trigger.

    The specific trigger runs once a player reaches 1500 kills, and triggers a boolean local variable to true when it fires, failing the conditions so that the trigger will not repeat. I have the conditions set to require that the local boolean variable be != true, and Player[playernumber] kills == 1500. The very first action in the trigger is flipping the boolean so it will be sure to fail conditions as quickly as possible.

    However, the issue I'm having is that the trigger will fire more than once regardless, even if the boolean is set to true despite the conditions I set. The event is "Any Unit Dies," but should only run if the conditions are met.. I'm starting to get frustrated with it, haha.

    Is there something I'm missing with this? Is there something extra I need to do for local variables to register or something? It's almost as if the variable I created doesn't exist.. I haven't tried a global variable, since I figured it was unnecessary for something that only happens once.

    Thank you for your time.


    You see the problem is that the local variable is LOCAL. It only applies for one trigger instance, and not multiple instances. I think you might need a global variable if you are doing something like this.

    and yes, this should be in the Trigger forum.

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    I'm sure we can do all of those mechanics. They only thing we're missing are art assest. Other than that gameplay are all feasible.

    yes. especially those Battle Hellions. wont be the same without the morphing animations of course.

    HELLIONS! Roll Out! =P

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    I am no AI editing expert. But I would say you might want to use triggers to do that. However of course, its not easy to make it 'smart'. You would have to check for places that could make the stalker get stuck on cliffs, etc2.

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    Would it work if I only added Behavior to the powerup without Ability or Effect by adding Behavior to just Behavior tab of unit? Problem is I dont see my custom Behavior in the list of behaviors at all, why is that?

    You need to make a Effect (Apply Behavior), and a Behavior (Buff) as Soma said. Adding the behavior directly to the behaviors tab on the unit will mean the unit gets the bonus health max from the start =/

    It shouldd be there, I don't see why it wont show up.

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    If it's done automatically, how come when I test the map I've created, the borders aren't applied? Is there some flag you need? Or does the edge of the button have to be transparent or something?

    Are you sure the button you've made is assigned with an ability, clickable, and is not passive?

    Most of SC2's buttons have large transparent areas in their icons, so I would guess that would be the case if you've checked everything else.

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    Yes, warcraft sounds would be great. I don't have WC3, but I will probably install it to get sounds.

    But I have WoW right now. How to get sounds from it? I use wowmodelviewer, but it shows nothing when I choose any sound formats like .wav

    Try get an MPQ editor and open up individual mpqs, (each expansion and patches have different mpqs so you better know where your sound is). google around I'm pretty sure its up around the internet =P

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    Quick question. What is the maximum thread limit? Also, how many wait 0.0's can I have before the game will slow down? Will it slow down at all?

    EDIT: Np, thanks for all the info. Looking at some other routes. Keep hitting road blocks with every system I try.

    I believe ive seen someone say in these forums that, unless u have trigger that fires for every attack and you have 100 marines with machine-guns shooting at each other, performance issues from thread creation wont be that much of a problem. Ofc, you have to remember when you have the debug window open, the game becomes veryyyyyy slow. Dont even compare that to the actual bnet lag.

    A wait counts as a thread i think. And personally, i dont really think wait counts slow down the game to a considerable effect; unless you have a bunch of infinite loops with waits and a long list of actions.

    lol, well good luck with ur map >.< hope it goes well =D

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    but, is there a "general" warp-in effect you can add to other stuff, or does each unit have it's own warping animation and that's it? (i'm a newbie, i didn't understand well what patrick said on the 2nd post)

    the standard warpable protoss units have warp animations. What Patrick suggested is to add Tosh's warping effect (which is just a warp effect without a unit) and attach that to the warping unit for units that dont have warp animations.

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