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    @Dzuke911: Go

    I would go to the modifications tab and go to behavior; and scroll down to where to says state flags. this is where u can change if a unit is targetable or highlightable yes?

    i would try suppress life, (i have not tried this).

    if it doesnt work, then you will probably need to do it via triggers; this i'm sure because this is the only way ive been hiding and showing healthbars regardless of the player's settings.

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    Quote from zenx1: Go

    As gintoki would say "just do it!"

    wasn't that Nike? =P

    Balancing should come later. A guy with a gun and a motorcycle could be nerfed/buffed from cooldowns, damage, energy costs, movement speed, max health/max energy, etc2 you get the idea.

    and plus you guys dont have to follow the actual abilities to the word. Like say, Soifon from Bleach would be imba if she could kill anyone in 2 stings from her shikai lol. Instead make it a damage crit or something.

    Ive played some anime maps in WC3 before, such as Anime Fight and Fight of Characters (im not sure if the names are correct, it was long time ago), and i have to say i prefer my fav characters nerfed beyond its anime capabilities rather than being flamed for picking an imba character @[email protected]

    just my two cents.

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    Quote from Keyeszx: Go

    Also the video card is maybe a month or two old. There are differences between a card dying and video drivers screwing things up. I know the difference because my last card started dying on me. Why does everyone always go to faulty hardware so quick?

    lots can happen in 2 months. If you've uninstalled the drivers and installed them again to an earlier version; or rolled back; and the same thing still happens. it might be a hardware thing. Especially since ur not getting any BSODs, i would say its a hardware thing; BSODs are for driver erros, correct me if im wrong.

    I would suspect the RAM, try reseating them and also testing each stick independently and see if the problem persists if a certain stick is plugged in.

    I dont think its the video card since it seems u can play SC2 just fine. plus video cards are expensive too =P Although if you have a spare i would suggest to test that and see if it works.

    as usual, disable 3D, and those SLI or double video card things off (if you have 2 vid cards of course) as i see often those are the source of certain crashing problems.

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    Quote from Hakuzen: Go

    When you say tone down, what do you mean? Like making them more transparent? I've tried using the actor event "set opacity" with little success. Honestly though, it's not so much just one or two effects.. This is only a problem when all three heroes are blasting all their cooldowns at the same time towards the end of the game, which is only about 2% of total game time i would estimate.

    I'm gonna look into the halo effect, thanks for the tip.

    i think what he means by "tone down" is to make the abilities more... modest. Something along the lines of reducing the number of special effects, explosions, lasers etc2 to a reasonable amount. That way things are more visible. I still dont believe how three heroes blasting their cooldowns could cover up the player's view O_o

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    Quote from Mozared: Go


    1) What is the bricks texture? Don't think I've seen that before? 2) I'd do... something with those middle low-ground areas that now end in fog. They look fairly dreadful. Adding water, a plateau or anything of that kind should improve them. 3) It's pretty cool that you added those non-walkable-but-walkable-looking impassable areas in your map (like bottom left), but in some instances (like bottom left) they are located too close to the actually playable area. Result is that I find it a bit hard to tell apart quickly which areas are walkable and which aren't - and that's just me skimming the map, a pro player might be really annoyed by this. 4) I like what you've done in terms of theme. Overall theme is pretty cool and the whole thing looks good, but I especially like how the top differs from the bottom in terms of looks. 5) Those powerlines behind the gold expo. Thors, and perhaps Ultralisks too, are going to be clipping with them. It's a minor thing, but something you might want to try and fix.

    i am pretty sure the bricks are already in the editor. try checking Tyrador or some urban terrain set.

    @GoldGod: The overall atmosphere of the map is great! I like the destroyed urban feel u made in the map.

    The positioning of the mines are pretty legit as well it seems. Good luck with the competition!

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    Quote from Kafoso: Go

    (Necro! Google's fault)

    In line with the Windwalk speculations in this thread. If you copy another of the Blademater's abilities - Mirror Image - the unit will still be cloaked after casting Mirror Image. Obviously, you can add a "Remove Behavior" to the Mirror Image ability, removing the Windwalk buff. But what then if you want to add 10/20/30 more abilities to the same unit? Then you must do the "Remove Windwalk Behavior" on every single ability that doesn't inflict any damage.

    It would be great if someone could conjure up some method for removing the Cloak buff - not only when being attacked or attacking - but also when using any ability. Preferably something triggered from the Windwalk (cloak) buff.

    well you could always mix it with the trigger editor =D. in that case u just need to remove the buff whenever a unit casts. much simpler.

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    Quote from Mozared: Go

    @Zolstice: Go

    You're misreading his post. I made the same mistake first time I read it. Reaper isn't saying that 'the ability to make Protoss-themed terrains' doesn't exist, he's saying not a lot of people are making Protoss-themed terrains.

    Something I guess I do disagree with, though - there's plenty of people making Bel'shir and Aiur temples. Shakuras isn't used as much, but it's still around.

    ahh i see. well in that case i would somewhat disagree too =P

    Definitely Bel'shir is often used, have always loved the trees myself more than plain Agria. However personally I dont like how blizz made the temple wall doodads too yellow-ish (at least for me); looks too un-ancient, they dont match with most of the other doodads like the pillars and columns that have a more ancient brown feel to it.

    Shakuras would be rare choice i guess, since the environment looks often dark and dense; but doesn't have that horror feel for horror maps. People tend to go industrial terrain for horror along the lines of a Dead Space feel of somesort.

    Aiur is just, mehhh...

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    Quote from iHaveReturnd: Go

    @SoulFilcher: Go

    Do you know where the setting is? I looked for quite some time and cant find it.

    Is the only problem is that its halfway beneath the ground? Try increasing the unit height. its in the Data Editor/Units/<YourUnit'sName>/UI : Height

    of course this change is only graphical, wont make it a flying unit.

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    Quote from Reaper872: Go

    @illidans911: Go

    a protoss terrain is a terrain that features the protoss as a race. It is not biological like the zerg, nor does it have all the metallic junk like the terrans. I am just so very sick of seeing space platform after space platform.... Someone seriously needs to make something that is not industrial themed.

    uhh, Shakuras? Aiur? Bel'Shir? and maybe that Xel'naga ship thing the campaign had (also in the editor)

    I guess for the moment its all about temples and crystals for protoss.

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    Quote from patrickwobben: Go

    I thought they didn't had a flashlight bound to their model. Isn't the flashlight created by the Behavior that these units have?

    nope. those ones used in the Belly of the Beast mission are model-bound as far as i know. the Behavior values in the Data Editor for them dont have anything to do with the flashlights. Plus im pretty sure those flashlights appear in the previewer too.

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    Quote from XratedSippycup: Go

    The trigger shuts off camera input and game ui. then the camera takes over and pans over an area. i want units to spawn while the camera pans but they arnt spawning! creep isnt showing up either :/

    I realize a similar behavior in my map, where it hides certain doodads (the Terran Cliff Gap Fillers for instance) from view when the camera is too close. Try setting a farther view distance and see if that helps.

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    so ive googled my way for a Raynor, Tychus, Swann or Stettman model that does not have flashlights and have failed to find them. Can someone quickly remove the flashlights from the said models and upload them or otherwise show me a link if it has been done before. I did see a flashlight-less marine Tychus and Raynor in the assets page although I prefer the plain un-teamcolored models. I still need Swann and Stettman nevertheless.

    obviously feel free to upload them to the site or use it for your own map.


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    Quote from ProzaicMuze: Go

    Yes, the Rocker functions like any other SOp in that attachments will roll with it. The only time the attachments wouldn't follow is if you didn't allow them to through the Hold Position/Rotation check boxes.

    alrightt. thanks! I'll try it as soon as i get in touch with the editor =D

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    Hey I was just wondering, say I tilted the the uberlisk unit, or make it roll etc2 via programmer's method (the one with the Rollcopter and Drunken Marauders). Would the tentacles bend/tilt/roll with the unit?

    Could try it myself, but I havent got the time. >.<

    Thanks! Amazing tutorial btw. Its been a great help for people who are new to the whole site-actoring data like me.

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    Quote from zeye74: Go

    I need help. I cant model or texture, well mabye a little texing but not well done, anyways i need at least 5 different marine models for the actor. Im new to this kind of thing. Im also insanely stupid with the vocabulary of the editor sooooo the actor is the picture of the unit on the hud in the center on the botom right? anywho i need 5 for a new campaign series. I NEED HELP! plz if anyone could help it would be much appreciated. thx. feel free to call me a noob.

    that would be the unit wireframe. actors are the "body" of whatever units/doodads/special effects running around your map.

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