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    Quote from DrSuperEvil >>

    So a parasite map but with more complex role specializations.


    How will you deal with droppers, especially for key jobs.

     In it's essence, yes it is a Parasite map with more complex roles.  
    As for droppers, I'll be thinking of some workarounds; like maybe the possibility of job role changes becoming available for necessary jobs.  For example if a Mayor drops, someone can be "elected", gaining the Mayor role's job however keeping their current job aswell.  
    That'll also mean I need to discourage leaving somehow, adding a punitive system for leavers, and a reward system (nothing game breaking) for players who don't leave.  Also by punitive, I'd be looking more to correcting people who constantly leave (persistent leavers) and people who leave within the first minutes of the game.  
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    Viral Infection

    Viral Infection is a new map in development.  It is a deception-type map, a random player is chosen as the infected player who is able to shapeshift into a Zombie and spread their virus around the town (civilians around the town will become infested).  The infected player's objective is infect all the other players in the match, and the other player's objective is to find out who the infected player is and eliminate them and anyone they have infected.


    There are different jobs given out to players, and in order to achieve victory it is necessary for everyone to perform their jobs.  


    Jobs Playable

    Mayor - The mayor is in charge of the town, they have the ability to place warrants on other players effectively allowing the police force of the town to arrest and incarcerate criminals (trolls), or suspects.  The mayor also has a few other job-specific controls they are able to perform (to be announced).

    Police Chief - The police chief is in charge of the police officers who patrol the city.  The Police Chief is able to place warrants on other players if the mayor has been killed, or denounced (if mayor is suspect of being infected several players can vote to denounce and revoke a mayor's power). 

    Police Officer - The police officers patrol the city and look for anything suspicious and report all their info to the chief and the mayor.  They have the power to arrest players who have a warrant and start off with a patrol vehicle they can drive around.

    Doctor - The doctor is in charge of the hospital, he can heal other players and upgrade the hospital's facilities to allow testing for infection, as well as cure infections if they have not fully manifested players.

    ....more jobs to be announced.


    This map is early in development.  I will be posting more pictures and eventually videos of the current progress.  Once available for testing, it will be released for public testing.  


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