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    Variable - Set x = (Real((Value of Units Marine DeathTime for player Any Player)))

    The function is called Catalog Field Value Get.

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    I tried this too but to no avail, I gave it the text key referencing to another unit but there's no name change happening still

    I've entered Unit/Name/Marine to the key field and it works (changes the name of affected units to "Marine").

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    No, the key field must contain a ID of a text, for example "Unit/Name/MarineAlternativeName". A field below must contain an actual text. The behavior will work only if both fields are filled correctly.

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    I think that the easiest way to achieve this is to make a requirement like this:

    Less Than
    ..Count Unit Interceptor Queued or Better at Unit
    ......Count Upgrade More Interceptors Completed

    This requirement will cap the number of Interceptors to 8 + (2 * level of upgrade More Interceptors).
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    @Arkzan: Go

    Absolutely wrong.

    1) Download your map. 2) Hack it and open it in the editor. 3) Add a trigger for whatever reward you want. 4) Publish and play on battle.net.

    Your map file itself is not safe, so no amount of messing with the bank files is going to help.

    It will be so easy only for non-obfuscated maps. If a map is obfuscated, the third (and even the second) step may be very hard.

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    Banks r stored individually anyways, if it gets broken that person cant get into someone elses bank. there is no need to try to link banks to handles unless you want to make a unique line of data in the bank.

    Linking banks to handles is necessary to provide even a minimum bank security. If your banks are not linked to handles, one person can hack your bank, publish it and everyone on the Internet will be able to use it with a minimal effort.

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    I'm looking for a Escort model (the Escort was a Protoss air unit from alpha) or alternatively for a Corsair model.

    I know there already are Corsair models, I managed to find two, one on SC2Mapster and one on Battle.net, unfortunately both were made in 2010 and have poor quality.

    More info:

    Escort: http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Escort

    Corsair: http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Corsair

    A unit I'm planning to use this model for will be small and used similarly to Interceptor, so the model doesn't need to have a high polycount.

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    Link: www.sc2mapster.com/assets/galaxy-obfuscator/

    Galaxy Obfuscator is a simple program that can obfuscate your script, making it unreadable by humans. I does not change how the script works.

    Galaxy Obfuscator will:

    • Remove all comments and unnecessary whitespaces
    • Replace all identifiers (variable names, functions) with random sequences of l (lowercase L) and I (uppercase i)
    • Obfuscates all integers and strings

    Galaxy Obfuscator has GUI and works in a fully automated fashion. After selecting a map you want to obfuscate, it will create in the same directory a file named <YourMapName>Obfuscated.SC2Map. You can also run it from the command prompt, with your map name as the argument.

    The program will change only the "MapScript.galaxy" and "Triggers" files in the map. It will not obfuscate any libraries nor dependencies you may be using.

    Note that an obfuscated map file will crash the editor if you try to open the triggers in it.

    There is an example of Galaxy Obfuscator in action (it is the obfuscated Hello World script):

    include "TriggerLibs/NativeLib"
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