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    posted a message on Finaly a update from Blizzard about Marketplace!

    Can someone confirm that bug for me? (I can't right now). Like, can someone just create a loop which loops 2039 times and checks if it works or not? Wouldn't that put this mystery to bed?

    void test() {
        int i = 0;
        while ( i <= 2039 ) {
            i = i + 1;

    Or unless the condition counts in which case that is 4078 lines.

    Or are we talking brand new lines of code and not counting repeats?

    Otherwise it's hard to say if people experiencing this isn't some other subtle bug they're running into

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    posted a message on Force AI to build certain units at a certain order

    Make sure you initialize the AI correctly. Get rid of the "start melee AI" trigger that comes by default when you create a new map.

    What I do to initialize the AI is run these triggers in this order:

    Initialize campaign mode, clear the stock lists, clear all build requests, initialize campaign towns, initialize campaign harvesting and thenenable restocking.

    Each of those is a trigger that you should be able to find by typing it into the search bar and filling out details about which player you are applying this to.


    set stock to make 9 probes. At the moment you are setting the stock to 3 probes, what then happens is that the computer is checking that it has three probes (it starts with 6 so this is already satisfied and can check that off the list) and decides it doesn't need to make any more.

    AFAIK there is no way you can tell the AI what order to build things in. You will have to give it orders for when you want things to happen. For instance a simple way you could do this is by running a trigger with wait loops like this:

    //this covers the initial 6 probes
    set stock to make 6 probes
    // build probes
    set stock to make 3 probes
    wait 40 seconds
    set stock to make 1 pylon
    wait 40 seconds
    set stock to make 2 gateways
    wait 20 seconds
    //more probes
    set stock to make 2 probes

    Or you could start to get more complex such as having an array of unit types such as this which will constantly check if it can afford the next step and do so when available.

    int step = 0;
    //account for initial workers
    set stock to make 6 of probes;
    //build order
    array = [ probe, probe, probe, pylon, gateway, gateway, probe, probe ];
    while( i <= 7 ) {
        if ( player 2 minerals >= unit cost of array[i] ) {
            set stock to make 1 of array[i];
            i = i + 1;
        wait 0.2 seconds;

    Or you could get even more complex...

    But the point is you have to tell the AI when to build it as well as what to build.

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    posted a message on Trigger Template map

    What would be close to what your asking for would be some more easy to use libraries.

    For instance I use my own dialog library to create all my dialogs automatically which is a lot faster and less error prone.

    Some noob friendly library might help beginers create a map without having to learn much about how dialogs work and how to hook them all up. They could simply plug in parameters and get a basic screen with buttons hooked up in 5 minutes flat. Maybe that's all they would want, otherwise they could then improve on the appearance/functionality as they begin to learn more.

    Dialogs and leaderboards are the only thing I can think of that could be streamlined like that and actually be usefull to someone. Everything else is already there at you fingertips, all you have to do is type it into the search box. I mean if you want to send orders to a unit you just use the "order unit" trigger. If you want to have a switch give a random outcome you just use a random number and a switch. I can't really think how that can be simplified by placing another layer of abstraction ontop of it.

    It would help if you could come up with an example.

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    posted a message on Finaly a update from Blizzard about Marketplace!

    Do action definitions bypass this? any/or map init triggers? I am positive that I have init trigger far longer than 150 lines; that have no problems.

    If I took a random stab in the dark about how many lines of code my init script is for my current project I would say about 3,000 lines of code excecuted as a minimum without any wait(0) instructions. I don't know where you're getting your 150/256 lines of code only limit. Or do you mean that 256 is the limit before you start seeing too much lag if your trigger is running frequently?

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    posted a message on Trigger Editor changes in Void - General Overview

    Currently, if one wants to see where a trigger element is used, you have to open up the Overview manager, switch to triggers, and then find the relevant element. Or you can choose to right click and select “View in Overview Manager”. This does work, however, the overview manager is slow, because it must display the usage of ALL trigger elements. This new option allows one to view just the elements you select. This way, it will be MUCH faster, and much more smooth.

    I didn't know about that. Actually if I want to know where a trigger is used I just delete it and a warning message comes up telling you where it is used before it allows you to delete. and simply click on "no" when it asks you to confirm the deletion. This is instant and easy :D


    It appears we will be able to load triggers from another document into the current one. This would allow one to edit related triggers to the current document (possibly from a dependency) without having to open the other file entirely. Currently if one switches documents in the editor, it can be quite slow, since it has to load everything from that document (Triggers, Data, UI, Terrain, etc.)

    We have libraries already so we can see what the code is from elsewhere. Also the editor does not load everything from another document AFAIK. If you only have the trigger editor open only the triggers are loaded. If you then open the terrain editor you will have to wait while it loads the terrain seperately. Or at least that's the way it seems. This might save a little bit of time but doesn't seem that useful. Hopefully there is a way to turn it off because I would rather they be read only so I can't accidentally mess with them unless I deliberately open up those libraries to change them.

    The script prefixing and presets will make working with both GUI and script a lot easier. Unfortunately I'm using a bunch of old GUI stuff I wrote before I could figure out how to write galaxy script and it's a pain dealing with both at the same time. But if they simply showed you how you can write the script instead of hiding it away then those who prefer to write code can do so and will probably skip the GUI alltogether like I would have.

    A few new toys in the new triggers but nothing big. I'm curious to know what a commander is though. What is the commander of a player?

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    posted a message on placing image over button

    I've seen the tooltip suggestion around on the net. It doesn't work.

    Disabling the mouse events on the image is the way to fix it. Thankyou

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    posted a message on placing image over button

    Hi guys, I'm creating a button dialog item with an image dialog item placed over the top of it.

    Problem is that when the user cannot click on the button with the image in the way. How do you get the mouse clicks to create a dialog item used event on the underlying button?

    I've actually done this a million times in the past so I know it is done but I can't remember and searching google/sc2mapster/editor documentation has left me empty handed and frustrated. Can someone help?

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    posted a message on WTF bots! Curse killing esports sc2mapster R&D

    I'm not very active on here but just throwing in my 2c.

    I come here because a bunch of you are smart and know a lot about the SC2 editor so it can be helpful to pick your brains. If the community as a whole moved to another site such as the hive workshop I would follow. Also I think it would be a much better option moving forwards.

    If someone wants to learn about the editor it's kind of embarrasing linking them to here.

    As for lost information/assets we can still link back to those pages that are good sources. Maybe it's because I mostly deal with triggers but almost all of the resources for triggers appear to be nothing more than data dumps from the editor with nothing of value to add. In fact when there IS extra information provided it is sometimes even factually incorrect. Any assets such as libraries which are still being supported will be copied over to a new site by the person maintaining them. All the old broken assets will be abandoned.

    On the whole I think it would be a possitive step.

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    posted a message on How to modify an existing Arcade map?

    Open the map editor and go into "file->open". Click on the battlenet tab and search for the map. If it comes up in the search it is unlocked and you can edit it. If it does not appear then it is locked.

    Searching sometimes takes ages looking for maps so don't worry if you think the editor freezes for a minute or two.

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    posted a message on Starcraft AI project - Dorfl

    Somebody casted a game of Dorfl vs Blizzard AI and stuck it on youtube!

    Thank you to GamerSteed for the cast. I stuck the replay file up on /r/castit, a subreddit for players to get their games cast and for aspiring casters in the community to source replays.

    In the blue corner (left) is Blizzard AI - created by Blizzard Entertainment, one of the heaviest hitters in gaming and worth $18.9 billion.

    In the orange corner (right) is Dorfl - created by me in my spare time and worth about $400.

    "Lets get ready to rrrruuuuuummmmmmmmbbbbbblllllllleeeeee"

    He said it in the video but let me repeat. This is only the framework of a fully functioning AI. It doesn't use warpgate, the stalkers don't know how to blink, the unit pathing glitches and the units sometimes spaz out (or dance ), I wrote the script for unit kiting in a single afternoon with a lot of coffee... you get the idea. But every few weeks Dorfl takes a few more baby steps towards being a good AI player.

    Those of you who are likewise fascinated by watching a computer "make it's own decisions" will enjoy watching this AI vs AI battle.

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    posted a message on Starcraft AI project - Dorfl


    I just realized that the map I was using (derelict watchtower) is very out of date (2013). I was just using it because I had a copy of it sitting around from ages ago and it was convenient.

    But if you don't have the map file on your computer you will not be able to watch the replay. (I think that's my current theory). When I release replays from now on it will be on a current map so that people can watch it. Sorry for wasting peoples time.


    This probably belongs on the AI sub forum, but it's not like these forums move at lightning pace anyway. Also there are bigger spam problems anyway :P

    I've hit a new benchmark with Dorfl: being able to consistently defeat the Blizzard normal difficulty AI. Out of a bunch of matches Dorfl won most of them. Here is the most recent replay I have of the two AIs battling it out to the death:


    That link is to the page on spawningtool.com (an awesome sc2 website tool thing). The download link is on the right.

    I chose that replay because Dorfl came close to losing and there was a nice bit of back and forth before the Blizzard AI crumbled under a relentless stream.

    Let me state right off the bat: Dorfl is only about 45% complete. Before you watch the replay think about trying to drive a car which is only 45% complete and imagine how far you're going to get.

    Dorfl is able to play all three races but is more advanced with Protoss so that's all I'm testing right now.

    at the moment Dorfl:

    • can play all 3 races but is more familliar with Protoss (hence the PvP replay)
    • does not micro, it simply attack moves and hopes for the best
    • does not know what units are suitable for what roles.
    • does not know how to use abilities like warpgates, charge nexus, forcefield, or gravitational beam (which is why in the replay it builds lots of phoenix and does not know how to make them do anything useful)
    • has a 4 second reaction delay
    • Does not know how to harass. Any time it wants to harass the units just go to the centre of the map and sit there

    But these will all be changing as time goes on. By October I hope Dorfl will learn how to harass and micro. By November I hope for it to be familliar with all three races. By NYE I hope to have Dorfl competent enough to beat the Blizzard hardest (non cheating) AI with any race and to be suitable for mid-level players to play against. After that the next goal is to enslave humanity skynet/matrix style who knows how far it'll get?

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    posted a message on Exclusive targetting
    Quote from SomeoneTookMyNameTT: Go

    Haha, i suspected that you might be using linux wine combo. I do myself so i feel your pain actually :) Though it's sometimes not that bad. Filtering entries seems to be the worst.. And yeah editor runs better through VM for me too. But it's just too annyoing to keep switching.. I do it only for longer data work.

    So firstly save map in unpacked format. In editor it's called (.SC2 components) in save dialog. This way you won't have to deal with manual imports and can write scripts directly through the filesystem by just saving to the map directory. Inside a trigger editor just include those scripts in custom blocks.

    Syntax check can be run through trigger editor, there's an option for it somewhere in the menu. Shorcut is CTRL+F11 (or F12 - not sure). It will check all the scripts, also those included from the filesystem. If everything is allright you will hear a cool beep :p If no, window with details will popup.

    There's no need to re-opening map, editor will refresh files from filesystem on demand. Not the core files though (terrain, data .xml's etc.) as those will always be overwritten during the save.

    And that's it. I also keep SC2 open when working. So when i re-run it loads map faster.

    If I could pay you $1 for every minute this might save me you would be a very rich man. Why is this kind of thing never stated anywhere? anything useful I've learned about the editor I've just randomly stumbled upon in forums by accident.


    Don't you feel annoyed by poor syntax highlight and lack of basic features? You seem to have experience with coding so you must know that working with a proper editor (autocomplete etc.) makes you much more effiecent and saves your nerves :P

    Actually the only thing I miss is a search function. There's no way to find what you're actually looking for unless you go into Data->view script and the ctrl-f to find it there and then figure out where that is in the code.

    Half my project was written in GUI though because I couldn't figure out how to write galaxy script. It was only by accident that I right clicked the bottom left panel of the editor and wondered what all the options were that popped up. This kind of information needs to be the very first thing that comes in any introduction to the editor /rant

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    posted a message on how to send a chat message from a player?

    @willuwontu: Go

    OK, I was hoping since Blizzard can do it with their AI they allowed map makers the ability to use the same interface they did.

    Just printing a message to their screen won't be the same because it won't appear in the chat section. I could fake it by printing to the same section of screen, but again that would not work as it would overlap with text already in the chat and not behave as a chat message would...

    Unless I removed the chat window all together, intercepted players communication and faked the whole thing but even that introduces problems with what I had in mind.

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    posted a message on how to send a chat message from a player?

    I want to know if it is possible to get a computer controlled player to send a chat message.

    When you have an AI ally in melee games the ally will send you messages such as "expanding to this location" and ping the map.

    If you are facing a computer opponent it will say "gg" at the end of the match before it surrenders.

    I want to know if it is possible to send my own chat message from a player.

    Thank you if anyone knows the answer.

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    posted a message on Copyright and Abandonware (For Rock the Cabinet)

    I don't have an entry for the competition but last year one of the finalists (IIRC) was disqualified for exactly those reasons.

    Imagine if you were a business releasing this product and ask yourself "Will I get sued?". In the case of using another games soundtrack without first clearing it with the copyright holders then the answer is "YES! I will get the pants sued off me". If you use music which you create or have permission to use (for example google "open source music" or "copyleft music" or any other related terms) then the answer is "NO, I will not get sued".

    It doesn't matter if you think nobody will notice and that maybe you can sneak under the radar with it. That is still unprofessional, morally questionable and it is unfair on the other competitors and against the spirit of the competition.

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