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    posted a message on Retrieving APM for "triggering player"

    Okay! Maybe this is what you want :)

    It save now only apm of the player who is playing on this machine.

    If this is still not what you want i dont get it^^


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    posted a message on [Info] Patch 1.4.X Undocumented Changes

    When creating a dialog with a dialogitem of a certain UI frame it gives an error now. If you set create a new "image" with template, you have to use "overview" now.

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    posted a message on Retrieving APM for "triggering player"

    AHH You mean his computer!!! I understood that you have a computer ingame.. -.-

    This is possible with the new functions of the Patch - Look ata the 101 Sticky Post in the Triggerforum - maybe you find something usefull there ;)

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    posted a message on Disallow Unit Control

    Hey thank you for the really fast reply :) Will try this <3

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    posted a message on Disallow Unit Control

    Hey guys,

    I am having the following problem: I want to have a unit that is spawned and runs from Point A to Point B. Player 1 owns this unit, but is unable to control it.

    But while the unit walks from Point A to Point B he should be able to control his Builder and his Building.

    Do you know a action that is acting like that or a workaround for this?

    Thank you ;)

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    Okay, maybe i understand now. You want to write only the APM of a certain to player to the players bank

    Lets say (You used a PHP syntax so i will write it like this here ;) )

    // $i = Count Variable
    // $playersPlaying = Players that are Playing + 1
    // $i++ = Selfexplaining
    // SetBankValue = Setting a value to the actual players bank
    // $player = Array with different player data
    // $player["bank"][] = Active bank of the player
    // $player["apm"][] = APM of the player at this moment
    for ($i=1;$i<$playersPlaying;$i++) {
     SetBankValue( $player["bank"][$i], $player["apm"][$i]);

    And before excecuting this function you set the apm of the player ;)

    Correct me if i am wrong - if this is like your idea i can do the triggers again for you :)


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    posted a message on Help needed - looping a patrol route

    Hey, i think you search for the event: Unit enters Point / Unit enters Point

    Maybe you can do a workaround with it ;) call some functions and these function call the next if a point is reached. Just an idea :)

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    posted a message on Retrieving APM for "triggering player"

    Hey, I understand your idea two ways:

    First: You just want to show the message: "Player X is at the Computer!" to Player X?

    Second: You want to seperate the actions done for each player, which is at the PC.


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    posted a message on Retrieving APM for "triggering player"

    Here i made a little triggerwork for you ;)

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    posted a message on Retrieving private published map?(Lost on HD)

    Hey, i wrote the tutorial to the extracting of files. If you want i can help you with rescuing your data. Write a PM and i will Help you :)


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    posted a message on Problems with game variants

    Hey community.

    I have a problem with the game variants. I want to have 4x 2 Player teams und lock them. This works well, but when I set them as locked teams, I can stil change them in game.

    I read the tutorial for game types and variants in the tutorial section. I did everything like there, but then i noticed that I dont have a "Game Mode" option at the Gameattributes.

    Someone has any ideas?

    Thank you :)

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    posted a message on [Revived!] Map Night

    Was nice fun today ;) Some people also presented very nice maps :) *thumbs up*

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    posted a message on Event start with variable =

    You can also do it that Way:

    Create a new actiondefinition and give it one parameter. Give the action a variable. The action sets the variable and if it has a certain value it calls a different action ;)


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    posted a message on [File Reading] Extract Data from downloaded maps!

    actually there is a way to get the triggers.. the MapScript.galaxy in the root folder

    but avery variable is hashed and the trigger names are deleted.. so if you like to do it.. have fun ;D

    drsuperevil: yes i said that its not a method to steal the data.. i wish everyone would use this fair and give credits

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    posted a message on [File Reading] Extract Data from downloaded maps!


    This is my first post at SC2Mapster, but I am reading the tutorials very often and search for problems, so that I think that I have to contribute something.

    Which maps do you mean?

    I mean the custom maps that you download when you play a custom game on Battle.Net.

    Why should I read the downloaded maps?

    If you don't know how to create an ability or something, but you know someone has something similar to your idea, you can take a look at his Effects, Actors, etc...

    What do I need for this tutorial?

    You have to download an MPQ Editor. In this case I used the first hit at Google.com: http://www.zezula.net/en/mpq/download.html Important: Choose the "MPQ Editor with listfiles ..."

    After downloading, you have to install it anywhere you want.

    I downloaded the program, next?

    The files of the custom maps are very hidden, but there are not very much possibilitys.

    Windows Vista / 7

    C:\ ProgramData \ Blizzard Entertainment \ Battle.net \ Cache

    Windows XP

    C:\ Users \ YOUR PC USER \ AppData \ Local \ Blizzard Entertainment \ Battle.net \ Cache

    When you enter these folder you will get a shock first, but don't worry, we have a solution. The files for which we search have the ending:


    Type this into you search and look through the hole Cache folder. All these files have a crypted filename and I don't know the algorithm. There are two possibilities.

    Method 1

    Download the chosen map once and then look at the dates of the files. Compared the file time and choose the latest one. It looks like that.

    Method 2

    Delete all cryptic files with the ending *.s2ma.

    Then go to the folder: C:\ ProgramData \ Blizzard Entertainment \ StarCraft II \ Maps \ Cache Delete all folders with the *.s2ma ending.

    ATTENTION! Do not delete the folders that are not cryptic! Such as: "RushDefense.SC2Map" (They all end with *.SC2Map) Delete only the folders that end on *.s2ma !

    You have to close Starcraft II now! Return to Method 1 and you will only have one *.s2ma file.

    So now we have located the map, that we want to spy. Copy the map and save it on the desktop. (Or another location where you can find it fast.)

    If the map is unprotected:! Just rename the *.s2ma file to *.SC2Map. DO THIS ONLY IF THE MAP IS UNPROTECTED!

    Create a Dummy Map

    Now open the Galaxy Editor. Create a empty map, duplicate one effect of your choise. This will cause the map to create an internal Base.SC2Data folder. Also you have to enable the dependency to the Campain and Story Mode. (This will prevent .dds and .m3 errors!). Save it at the desktop too. You dont have o copy it, it has just one destination: Show us the extracted data.

    Open the MPQ Editor

    At this point it will get interesting. Open the MPQ Editor.

    Step 1

    Click at Open MPQ(s) with Options ...

    Step 2

    Go to your desktop and choose the Dummy Map.

    Step 3

    Click at Add MPQ ...

    Step 4

    Choose the copy of the choosen custom map.

    Step 5

    Make sure you have checked MultiMPQ mode Then press OK

    Prepare the copy

    Go to the MPQtree of the custom map. Open the folder named Base.SC2Data and then go into the folder GameData. You should see different *.xml now. Make a right click on the folder GameData and press "Extract ...". Now chose the desktop or an other folder where you can find it again.

    Go to the same folder GameData at you Dummy Map and delete all files in there by selecting every file and pressing del.

    The Copy

    Make a right click on your GameData folder of you Dummy Map. Click at "Add File(s) ..." and search you extracted folder on your desktop. Select all files in the folder and then press "Open". Then just press OK again. This should appear now: Folder

    I spy with my little eye!

    Close the MPQ Editor. You don't have to save anything because the MPQ Editor does that automatically. Now finally start the Galaxy Editor and open the Dummy Map. Maybe you get some alerts of not found .dds and .m3 files, but nevermind. Now you can browse the actors, effects, etc...

    The results


    What's up with the triggers?!

    Until now i couln't find the trigger data in a protected map. Maybe it's saved at Battle.Net, because we don't need the trigger data to play the game.

    How can I fix the names?

    This is surprising easy. You only have to do one thing. Copy ;) First go to the custom map you are copying of. Open it in the MPQEditor. Now Extract the folders named "xyXY.SC2Data". Extract them all to your desktop.

    The next step is easy. You have to import the folders into you Dummy Map. It's important that you put the extracted files in the folders %root% \ xyXY.SC2Data \ LocalizedData Put the right files into the right xyXY.SC2Data. xyXY can mean koKR, enGB, enUS, deDE. You notice: xyXY is the synonym for the language.

    Why can't I just rename the file?

    I tried this a lot of times and it never worked. You get some errors and a black screen appears. I am trying to copy the terrain too. But now it's early in the morning and I am tierd.

    Final Words

    I hope you won't use this method to copy hole abilities and units or even steal .m3 models or .dds files. Please remind that this should only be a source of food for thought!

    Please do not flame my English. I am German and have bad marks at school :D


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